NFC Academy

NFC Academy Is Providing Middle School and High School Homeschool Curriculum in Florida


Tallahassee, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/21/2020 -- NFC Academy is a private Christian school dedicated to providing homeschooling students with a comprehensive curriculum that will reignite their passion for learning. NFC Academy's primary focus is on providing students from elementary levels to high school with an online homeschooling program that has been fully accredited and professionally designed to prepare them for college. They aim at offering online programs for 3rd-12th grades, where all student work is available on their computer, tablet, or other devices.

"Being a member of the International Association for K-12, online learning has contributed to the success of NFC Academy," explained the Academy's spokesperson. "This is because they always provide us with the latest information on the best learning methods for online learning. Working towards achieving their mission that aims at ensuring that all students get a quality online education, they have developed policies to ensure that there is ease in accessing the program, and also, the quality of teaching offered meets the high standards. They have also conducted research to provide some of the most promising practices to enhance the learning program. They also encourage the act of sharing resources and information across the wider education group in the nation to achieve their goals."

The Academy delivers the best Biblical worldview internet curriculum. The curriculums offered are fully accredited, and so parents can be assured that their children are receiving a quality Christian education. The Academy provides accredited programs from kindergarten to high school, and NCAA approves the core courses in high school to ensure they meet the set core course standards. To get started, the family needs to complete the online application first.

"At NFC Academy, we have set standards in homeschooling program delivery to ensure need-based learning for every student. For grades three to twelve, we offer all the coursework and all related material, including science experiments and online library online on the student's computer," said the Academy's spokesperson. "An extra option is in their print program for Kindergarten to Grade 2 children can expect a colorful print curriculum with the NFC Academy Daily Lesson Planner. The print program provides an option for the best 5th-grade homeschool curriculum online if parents prefer that instead of the online program. We provide parents the choice to serve as teachers for their children up to grade seven, or they may engage the Academy teachers as the primary teachers in the online program starting in 3rd grade through high school. No matter what the parents select, even if the parents are the primary teachers, they will have an NFC Academy staff for help during their school year."

NFC Academy is offering a comprehensive online curriculum for students in grades 3 through 12. For example, the institution provides the best 6th-grade homeschool curriculum programs, which include core subject areas in bible, math, science, language arts, and history and geography, with a diverse list of electives. As the Academy strives to reignite the passion for learning in students, they ensure their courses are exciting and interactive in every way possible. They include text-based lessons, quizzes, assignments, and tests that engage students while they learn.

About NFC Academy
NFC Academy is a certified homeschooling center known to have merged modern education, a biblical worldview and advanced technology into the finest in a distance education program. It is known for delivering accredited full-time and part-time homeschooling curriculum and programs to students from kindergarten to 12th grade. With its years of experience and strong reputation, the institution has become the perfect destination for students searching for the top 7th-grade homeschool curriculum in Florida.