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NFC Academy Offers Fully Accredited Homeschool Programs in Florida


Tallahassee, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2020 -- NFC Academy is the source of an accredited education for families desiring a quality backed institution for their homeschool needs. The private Christian Academy understands the importance of providing a unique educational opportunity for every learner and has gone the extra mile when it comes to providing the finest in educational programs. NFC Academy combines academic excellence in its educational programs with a biblical worldview preparing students to succeed in their chosen careers and providing them the tools needed to allow them to make wise life decisions.

"At NFC Academy, we are all about serving homeschool families around the world. We offer homeschooling programs with a difference, as we understand our families' need of a quality backed education," said the Academy's spokesperson. "Our seasoned and dedicated team of teachers and administrators have designed our homeschool programs that have achieved a fully accredited status with several educational accreditation agencies. COGNIA, The Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and the Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools are our accreditation partners."

NFC Academy offers an accredited online educational program and a print program to prepare students in a college preparatory program with a biblical worldview. Their students will demonstrate skills that include motivation, achievement, involvement in learning, and scholarship conducted within the biblical worldview. An NFC Academy Admissions Specialist is available to assist with any questions that may arise. And the Enrollment Specialists help parents select their student's courses to guarantee the learners meet all academic requirements. Providing such benefits to their students makes NFC Academy a perfect choice for those looking to find the best accredited home school in Florida.

"Our homeschool program is distinctive as we offer a comprehensive academic program. We do so from a biblical worldview, teaching students the significance of learning and maintaining personal life values that provide a foundation for making excellent life choices," commented the Academy's spokesperson. "Parents seek to enroll their children in schools with that kind of commitment; however, some parents may be challenged by the cost. We understand this challenge, and that is why we offer affordable homeschool courses that maintain excellence and allow the family to reinforce their familyvalues in the life of their student."

The Academy offers the best biblical worldview curriculum online. The curriculum is fully accredited, so parents can be assured that their children receive a quality Christian education. They offer certified programs from Kindergarten through high school, and the core courses in high school are NCAA-approved to allow student-athletes to meet the required core course eligibility. To get started, the family needs to complete the online application. With years of experience offering fully accredited part-time and full-time homeschool programs for Kindergarten through 12th grade, NFC Academy has emerged as the leading destination for those looking for online homeschool programs in Florida.

About NFC Academy
NFC Academy offers quality-backed educational programs that enable students to complete their education from the convenience of their own home. Offering fully accredited full-time and part-time homeschool programs online to students, ranging from grades 3 through 12 and a print-based program for K-2, NFC Academy is on its way to becoming the best online home school in the US.

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