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NFC Academy Offers NCAA Approved Online Homeschool Programs in Florida


Tallahassee, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2020 -- NFC Academy is a respected Christian homeschooling provider offering College Preparatory homeschooling programs from Kindergarten to grade 12. The homeschooling programs are delivered digitally to full time, part-time, transfer, and international students across the United States and around the world. The Academy allows parents to either do the role of a home teacher for their children from grade 3 to 7 in the online program or have an experienced teacher to navigate through the curriculum. The home teacher option is foundational to the print program grades K-5th grade and NFC Academy teachers available for the online grades of 3-12

"We, at NFC Academy, aim to deliver a well-rounded academic foundation that results in well prepared graduates who are able to move forward after graduation in just about any direction they select – higher education or take their place in the workplace. We take pride in developing innovative learning programs that include self-paced and self-directed courses," commented the Academy leader. "Our curriculum recognizes that each and every student is special and brings out their individuality and unique talents. As such, our learners have a strong belief in their limitless potential and partner with us to make learning a successful experience. We offer a viable academic foundation that equips our students with the skills necessary for a secure future."

NFC Academy offers a fully accredited online educational program and print program to prepare the student in a college preparatory program that is from a biblical worldview. They will demonstrate skills that include motivation, achievement, involvement in learning, and scholarship conducted with the Biblical worldview. They offer registration dates throughout the year, and all students can begin when they chose. At NFC Academy, they will have an Admissions Specialist to help them with any questions they may have. The specialists assist parents in preparing their course choices to guarantee students meet all academic requirements. Offering such benefits to their students makes NFC Academy an excellent choice for those looking to find Christian home school programs online.

"We offer a comprehensive package that breaks down each subject and all units within a specific grade for the understanding of the learner," said the Academy leader. "The greatest strength of our program is that the student gets to learn at a pace that they find comfortable without feeling stressed. While a schedule is necessary, it can be flexible to the home needs to a point. To make each lesson comprehensive, we have included tests, quizzes, external web links, audio & video clips, and interactive learning games. All these are then complemented by access to the online library, which provides more than enough materials to address the interest of all the students."

The most intuitive yet sometimes not noticed aspect of NFC Academy is an affordable, transparent and flexible pricing policy across all programs. Parents have the option in how they make their payments by using the convenient monthly payment option, or the semi-annual or annual payment options. A variety of discounts are available to assist the family. For the benefit of those looking to find best online homeschool programs elementary, NFC Academy is providing access to an extensive online library, a variety of easy to use web tools, and study videos for every daily assignment.

About NFC Academy
NFC Academy is an accredited school offering homeschooling programs based in Tallahassee, Florida. With many years of experience, they are offering a fully accredited part-time and full-time homeschooling program for Kindergarten to 12 grades. At NFC Academy, they come as the number one partner for all interested in getting the best Christian homeschool curriculum online programs.