NFL Picks Revealed the Secrets of the Best NFL Handicappers

Now that NFL season is coming, it is best to have a professional handicapper take care of all the betting. And NFL Picks does it gracefully.


Indianapolis, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/18/2014 -- It’s the National Football League season once again. Expert NFL handicappers are now currently busy analyzing previous statistics, NFL performance and making prediction models to get an advantage on predicting weekly NFL games. Every NFL handicappers and bettors may use different formulas in validating their predictions.

According to the website Intelligent Betting Tips, there are numerous methodologies that can be applied in predicting future events including sports, such as:

1. Expert handicapper’s prediction specializing in professional sports. However, it must be noted that the handicappers should have historical track record to validate their performance.

2. Like investment groups, a consensus of expert handicappers’ collective NFL picks are graded and analyzed to determine a group NFL prediction.

3. Mathematical and statistical prediction models. This information creates similar statistical inputs and predictions. These prediction models are often used by expert handicappers in evaluating their NFL picks.

4. Crowd Consensus. The overall predictions and picks by the public or a group of expert handicappers wherein the predictions of each individual and handicappers are collected to formulate the NFL consensus picks. This is also some sort of a public opinion which can also be applied to a group of expert handicappers or sports analysts.

5. Machine Learning. This marvelous and difficult approach to predicting NFL picks is a method much pursued by experts. It uses statistical data which are then analyzed by computer algorithms where the computer will learn from the inputs and the prediction outcomes, and automatically adjust using mathematical algorithms to learn the changes and apply the stronger variance. It is a complex method which is not very much used today in the prediction of sports because of its high-cost and complexity.

Whichever of these methods are used, there must be at least a few statistics which need to be considered football handicapping. These are the best statistics to be considered in football handicapping: Average Yards per Attempt, First Half Scoring Trends, Sacks and Interceptions and Turnover Ratio.

In choosing the best handicappers one must consider the years of service and the reputation for being one of the best information sources which specializes in sports investing information. One must also choose someone who has quality performance and excellent customer service skills. One must also look at the key factors and betting angles which needs to be carefully considered before laying down one’s money.

Now that NFL season is coming, it is best to have a professional handicapper take care of all the betting. However, one must bear in mind that good betting also comes with a combination of one’s own knowledge and some new betting statistics and tricks. After all, it is hard-earned money which needs to turn a consistent profit.

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