Nfwbo.Org Launches Site Informing Would-Be Nurses of Educational Possibilities

Site helps people get nursing education despite difficult entry requirements at traditional schools, representative says


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/17/2014 -- Many news reports say that there's still a nursing shortage, but according to Fierce Healthcare, the real problem is a shortage of openings at nursing schools. This, in turn, is caused by a lack of professors entering the field of nursing education. Emma Holmes, a representative of Nfwbo.Org ( announced that the site is making it easier for nursing students to find schools, programs, and classes in the field.

"Many nursing students and would-be students don't realize how many different options there are for learning in this field," Holmes explains. "This causes some of them to give up on nursing after finding only a few schools booked solid. We want people to know that a shortage of educators at one institution doesn't mean that there's no hope for getting a nursing education."

A look at the site reveals that it has extensive information on a wide variety of possibilities. Traditional nursing programs occupy just one section of the wide-ranging site. Other options include specialist programs, online nursing programs, and continuing education opportunities for those who already have their licenses.

We had many questions about the online programs, such as how to avoid fly-by-night operators and just how students can gain the required hands-on experience that licensing boards require. Holmes was happy to answer all of our questions about these issues. "The key factor to look for in an online nursing program is accreditation," she tells us. "This helps ensure that the program's diploma is worth something."

"Clinical experience requirements are satisfied by partnerships between online schools and local health care facilities," she continued. "This allows students to get the mandated real-world experience without having to commit to extensive travel."

Some people are interested in nursing, but aren't sure if they want to take the leap to become a registered nurse. We asked Holmes about options for these people. "One of the best options for someone who wants to test the waters or who just doesn't want the stress of registered nursing is to become a CNA, or Certified Nursing Assistant (," she suggests. "CNA training classes provide marketable skills in the health care field in a shorter period of time than otherwise possible. There are also plenty of job opportunities for CNAs."

"These are just some of the options our site lets would-be nursing students know about," Holmes concluded. "In this age of tough traditional nursing school admissions, we believe that it's important for people to know about all possible options. This can make the difference between being able to pursue a nursing career and having to go into an unrelated field."

About Nfwbo.Org is a site that gives extensive information about educational opportunities in the nursing field such as registered nursing programs, CNA programs, and online schools. Its goal is to let those interested in nursing education know all of their options so that they can achieve their educational goals despite the shortage in nursing professors.