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NHV Natural Pet Products Campaign to Increase Awareness of Natural Canine Supplements

Natural Pet Products Provide Safe Alternative Treatments For Common Canine Disorders


Vancouver, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/27/2013 -- Statistics from the veterinary industry indicate there are currently more than 100 million pet dogs in Canada and the United States combined with approximately 65 percent of households owning at least 1 dog. As is the case with humans, dogs are vulnerable to a number of common ailments ranging in severity from simple digestive issues to potentially fatal forms of cancer. Though pet owners typically want the best treatments available for their dogs, most fail to realize the capabilities of natural remedies to combat certain illnesses. In light of these facts, NHV Natural Pet Products has launched a campaign to increase awareness of the effectiveness of treating various canine conditions with natural products.

While pharmaceuticals certainly have their place in the treatment of illnesses, a number of manufactured medications also produce harmful side effects. Many common illnesses can be effectively treated with safe, natural remedies. Natural products can also be used in combination with traditional treatments to increase their effectiveness and combat some of the negative side effects. One common ailment dogs suffer from is diarrhea. Though this is often caused by intolerance to consumption of certain items, it can also stem from blood clots or liver and pancreatic issues.

Barb Simpson of NHV Natural Pet Products affirmed, “Dog owners should look for certain signs of the causes of their dog’s diarrhea. Reddish stools or blood clots may indicate colon clots whereas light colored stools may be symptomatic of liver disorders. With puppies, diarrhea is often simply a symptom of eating something that wasn't meant to be eaten and can easily be treated with one of our natural products. Here is a good puppy diarrhea treatment; Plantaeris provides natural relief for canine diarrhea."

According to the company’s website, their Plantaeris formula is gentle and effective in helping to restore normal bowel function. The product contains natural ingredients including chamomile, myrrh, thyme and ginger, all of which have been veterinary approved and proven to relieve inflammation and pain as well as reduce stomach upset and improve digestion.

Dogs are prone to blood disorders such as anemia, hemophilia, lymphedema and Von Willebrand’s disease and conditions stemming from poisoning, tumors, vascular issues and infections. Simpson noted symptoms of these conditions include unexplained bleeding and bruising, frequent nosebleeds and pale gums. Prompt diagnosis is essential when dealing with blood disorders and such conditions should never be self diagnosed. Once a diagnosis has been given by a professional, dog owners may treat blood disorders in dogs with natural pet products. Simpson recommended ES Clear for cancer and immune support, Milk Thistle for liver health and Multi Essentials herbal multivitamins for treatment of blood disorders.

Concluded Simpson, “Other dog symptoms that are treated by natural pet products include coughs and discomfort caused by respiratory infections, those related to adrenal dysfunction, and issues associated with urinary disorders. Though pet owners should consult their vets before administering any product to their dogs, our natural remedies can provide a safe, effective alternative to chemical treatments."

About NHV Natural Pet Products
NHV Natural Pet Products develops and supplies natural remedies for common canine and feline conditions. Their supplements are created by a master herbalist and holistic veterinarian with more than 20 years experience in creating plant based remedies. They manufacture their products in a state of the art facility and subject their supplements to rigorous testing prior to distribution. The company is GMP Certified, Ecocert, HAACP, BC and Canada Certified Organic, USDA and PACS Certified Organic, and is registered with the FDA for import of products.