NHV Natural Pet Products

NHV Natural Pet Products Highlights Benefits of Holistic Medications

Pets Benefit in a Number of Ways when Holistic Treatments Are Selected


Vancouver, British Columbia -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/26/2013 -- Pet owners forked out $52.87 billion on their pets in 2012 with $12.56 billion of this going to supplies and over-the-counter medications and another $13.59 billion spent in vet care. Many pet owners wish to treat their pets holistically and yet don't know how to go about doing so or where to turn to purchase natural pet products. "Drs. Maria Luiza Romano, DVM, M.Sc. and L.M. Wijesundera, MD (Ayurveda) created NHV Natural Pet Products to fill this void and offer a wide range of products designed to treat pet ailments naturally," Barb Simpson of NHV Natural Pet Products declares.

Consumers discover there are a variety of Dog Symptoms that are treated by Natural Pet Products as well as a number of conditions. If a pet owner suspects his or her dog is suffering from lice, fleas, tapeworms or a mammary tumor, before heading to the vet, the owner needs to check out the range of products available at NHV Natural Pet Products. "Often pet owners find that treating their pet with natural products offers a number of benefits not seen with conventional medications and yet the owner saves money in the process that can better be spent purchasing new toys or other items the dog will appreciate more," Ms. Simpson continues.

Dogs love to get into new things and puppies tend to be guilty of consuming inedible items until they learn what they can and cannot eat. Often, the foods consumed leave them with intestinal problems and dog diarrhea and Here is a good Puppy Diarrhea treatment to help when this occurs. Plantaeris for diarrhea and IBS in dogs offers natural relief for the treatment of these conditions. This gentle herbal extract leaves your pet feeling better in a short period of time. "When a pet feels bad, the owner feels bad too, just as parents do when their children feel bad and they find it difficult to help them. With Plantaeris, owners gain the ability to provide relief rapidly so both they and their pet feel better," Ms. Simpson explains.

Pet owners also find they are able to Treat Blood Disorders in Dogs with Natural Pet Products, including hemophilia and Von Willebrand's disease. When this is the case, Milk Thistle works to protect and strengthen the liver, Multi Essentials provides digestive help and boosts energy while ES Clear offers cancer and overall immune support. "Before using these products, speak to the veterinarian to ensure they won't interfere with other medications. Most won't, but when it comes to a beloved pet, one can never be too careful," Ms. Simpson states.

About NHV Natural Pet Products
Dogs and cats understand the power of nature's remedies and yet humans often overlook simple solutions when looking to treat what ails their pet which is why NHV Natural Pet Products was established. The company believes in supporting pet health and well-being through the use of vet-formulated herbal solutions designed to not only promote health, but also to stimulate healing. All products and supplements are made using 100 percent natural ingredients and formulated by a holistic veterinarian and master herbalist and they contain no additives or preservatives. Each product contains ethically harvested or organically grown herbs and vegetable-based glycerin while all are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility where stringent in-house standards must be met. Only when these standards have been met do the products transfer to a third party lab where they are tested again to ensure complete product safety before being offered to the public.