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NHV Natural Pet Products Launches Campaign to Increase Canine Cancer Awareness


Vancouver, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/11/2013 -- Statistics indicate approximately 33 percent of dogs suffer from various forms of canine cancer; of those affected, more than half die from this disease, making cancer the leading cause of death among the canine population. Research shows that, if detected and treated early, about 50 percent of these cases are curable. In order to further increase the chances of canine cancer survival, NHV Natural Pet Products has launched a campaign to increase public awareness of this condition, its symptoms and the treatment options available.

Cris Ericsson, spokesperson for NHV Natural Pet Products, explained, "Since dogs, unlike people, are unable to tell us in words that something is wrong, it is vital we observe our dogs and search for signs of canine cancer. Symptoms of cancer are similar to those occurring in humans and include unusual lumps, swelling, enlarged lymph nodes, abnormal bleeding, unexplained limp and wounds that are extremely slow to heal. Any of these symptoms should prompt a visit to the vet. Due to advances in research and technology, most forms of canine cancer are treatable with surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and even immunotherapy."

"While these options have been found extremely effective in the treatment of canine cancer, many dogs experience a relapse following initial treatment," continued Ericsson, "For this reason, we wish to inform dog owners of a supplement that provides Natural Cancer Support for Dogs. Called ES Clear, this product is designed to help manage the symptoms of canine cancer. This supplement reduces pain and discomfort, increases energy levels, boosts the immune system and supports healthy healing for an improved quality of life. The all natural ingredients in ES Clear include Burdock, which increases liver function and helps remove toxins from the blood; Sheep's Sorrel, a natural blend of vitamins and minerals commonly used to treat cancer; Slippery Elm, which lubricates the digestive tract and helps eliminate toxins from the body and Turkey Rhubarb, a substance that improves appetite and helps detoxify the blood."

Ericsson went on to say, "In addition to our cancer support supplements, we also carry a number of other natural canine remedies including Milk Thistle for liver health, Resp-Aid for coughs and respiratory infections, Tripsy for kidney and urinary disorders and Supraglan for the treatment of adrenal dysfunction, Cushing's and Addison's disease. We encourage pet owners to Check out this link for more info on our natural canine products, as well as our extensive line of feline health supplements."

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The mission statement of NHV Natural Pet Products is to support pet health through the use of vet formulated herbal solutions designed to promote well being and stimulate healing. All their products are manufactured in their state of the art production facility under rigorous guidelines. They strive to produce supplements their customers, and their beloved pets, can rely on.