Niacinamide: A Cream with Vitamin-B3 to Deal with Acne at Puberty

Niacinamide also works as a moisturizer and skin whitener, besides this it is also effective against Alzheimer, cancer and anxiety.


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2014 -- Niacinamide cream is a topical skin treatment cream prepared to treat regular acne blemishes. This vitamin b3 cream is usually testified to clear patches of acne rapidly with very little side effects, like skin irritation, dryness or post inflammatory marks. The consistent utilization of external Niacinamide has been confirmed to support any type of skin naturally and clear out the acne issues.

The foundation for Niacinamide skin remedies originates from a number of studies done in 2005, in which 50 ladies who revealed symptoms of aging were treated using a Niacinamide cream. The end result shows that the women treated with this kind of lotion showed much more enhancement in skin elasticity and look younger as compared to women who are treated with other anti-aging creams.

It also aids to provide a far fair looking complexion. Prolonged exposure to sunlight is also a major cause for hyperpigmentation. The process called as Melanocytes creates melanosomes in deeper skin layers that comprise the melanin pigment. These are subsequently introduced to keratinocytes that shift upwards towards the upper epidermis. Niacinamide doesn't prevent the production of melanin however it was proven in 2002 that Niacinamide prevents the transfer of melanosomes for the surrounding keratinocytes by as much as 68%. A melanocyte/keratinocyte co-culture shape was used by the researchers. A clinical experimental with volunteers accepted the skin lightening action. They'd utilized a facial cream having 5% Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) for 2 months. Age-spots round the cheek and eye were significantly decreased.

About Niacinamide cream
Niacinamide is a kind of vitamin B3; that develop when additional niacin is consumed by the body than it actually needs. Niacin will come in a number of different kinds of foods, including eggs, beans, whole-wheat, vegetables, barley, fish and meat. Niacinamide is also present in many dental products.

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