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Nicamaka Distributors Inc Launches New Website -


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/05/2013 -- Nicamaka Distributors Inc, a major purveyor of outdoor recreational and leisure products, has launched a new website at for clients seeking to Buy Mosquito Nets online.

The professionally designed web store offers a wide variety of innovative Mosquito Nets and other protective measures that can be ordered around the clock. Among the product lines available are decorative but functional bed canopies, pop-up screen rooms, camping nets, gazebo and tent nets, and more.

Additionally, the website includes an informative guide for assisting clients in selecting the proper mosquito net, as well as a free newsletter available for users that sign up. As part of its charitable focus, Nicamaka Distributors also provides a special line of mosquito nets intended for use in humanitarian aid projects.

Numerous public health institutions have stressed the importance of mosquito netting for those who live or work in climates where mosquitoes are prevalent. In addition to being a nuisance, mosquitoes spread various debilitating and potentially fatal diseases, for which mosquito nets are regarded as one of the best defenses.

In addition to mosquito nets, the website provides many other items for outdoor recreation, including hammocks, umbrellas, canopies, heaters, and more. Each product line has its own dedicated page with additional information, a photo gallery, and a catalogue.

Overall, the website is designed is to be attractive, functional, and accessible, allowing clients to personalize their search based on price and product preference.

About Nicamaka Distributors
Based in Miami, Florida, Nicamaka Distributors is one of South Florida’s leading providers of relaxation and travel goods, and is particularly well-known for its cross weave and sprang hammocks.