Nicamaka Distributors, Inc.

Nicamaka Distributors Showcases Its Boat Tubes

Nicamaka Distributors, Inc., a major provider of diverse outdoor products is pleased to present some of its freestyle towable boat tube products, perfect for the fall weather or a weekend at the beach.


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/18/2016 -- The Big Mable towable can support one rider or a total of four riders and it allows these riders to experience the water in several different positions. The seated position includes a backrest for a relaxing and comfortable ride while the Mable's 60x60 inch size allows for multiple towing points.

Another towable with multiple positions is the Giant Bubba Towable Boat Tube. Whether it's a seated, prone, or kneeling position, this towable boat tube slips across the water. Up to four riders can enjoy a fun, fast, and thrilling experience. Buyers will find convenient foam handles so riders can always maintain a firm, comfortable grip.

The uniquely oval-shaped WOW XO Xtreme Towable Boat Tube will have up to three riders soaring across the water thanks to it rockered bottom designed to create less boat drag and more speed. Riders will also find foam handles on this boat tube to ensure a firm grip as the tube moves at exhilarating speeds on the water.

About Nicamaka Distributors, Inc.
Based in Miami, Florida, Nicamaka Distributors, Inc. is one of South Florida's leading providers of travel goods and outdoor products such as mosquito nets. The company also sells event tents, canopies, hammock stands and chairs, patio items, and umbrellas.

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