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Niche Market Secrets Publishes Review of the Directory of EZines


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2013 -- Online marketing is a nebulous field in which a lot can be chalked up to good luck and far less to common sense. It’s easy to see how newcomers to the field quickly come to believe it is a form of wizardry, but peering behind the curtain the hard work and entrepreneurial vigour become more evident. Niche Market Secrets is a website offering such a sneak-peak by reviewing products used by online marketing experts so that newcomers can get their hands on them and in doing so, get on the inside track to progress and profit.

The site offers information and product reviews that take an even handed look at their topics with the benefit of considerable experience. The newest review is of the Directory of Ezines, which as the review explains is far more than an ezine directory.

The review explains that buying a subscription to the site also gives access to business email lists, which can be invaluable to marketers as they account for almost 50% of ad revenue after Pay Per Click. The review also describes the community support extended to subscribers, including a one on one talk with the creator and marketing guru Charlie Page, making it more than just an Ezine Directory.

The review concludes positively, extending insight from a professional that a newcomer can use as a springboard to achieve competence far more quickly.

A spokesperson for Niche Market Secrets explains, “The site was created so that Vikram could record the kind of advice he was giving to individuals in general conversation and pass it on to a much wider potential audience. His experience in niche and affiliate marketing means he’s not stranger to the Directory of EZines, and his review reflects both his expertise in the field and his learned opinion on the product having used it himself. When he gives it a glowing review, it’s because the product has earned it-not only in its features, but in its community support.”

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