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Niche Site Creations Announces New, All-Inclusive Website Package

Product aims at giving affiliate marketers turn-key, sustainable profitability


Stokenchurch, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2014 -- Niche Site Creations, a producer of custom websites, announced the availability of its newest package of offerings. The company's "Long Tail Package" is designed to help customers take advantage of the high conversion rates and ease of search-engine ranking associated with search terms of three or more keywords. The all-inclusive package includes everything needed to launch a profitable affiliate marketing or other site of this sort, including research into appropriate market niches and keyword combinations, custom themes, on- and off-site SEO, and a collection of deep, original content spanning at least 40 articles and reviews.

"The world of Internet marketing has never been more profitable," company representative Craig Austin said, "and our new Long Tail Package makes it easier than ever to get started with affiliate programs like Amazon's." A number of reputable Internet-based companies offer substantial commissions to partners who pass them business through their own websites. That has led to a fair degree of competition among those who would take advantage of these opportunities, although many believe that the supply side of the segment is still growing at a faster rate.

At the same time, there are many under-served consumers still remaining on the Internet. By focusing on relatively specific, product-oriented search engine queries, Niche Site Creations is able to deliver turn-key sites to clients which boast inherently high rates of sales conversion, since those searching with these especially particular terms are more likely than most to be motivated to buy products right away. In addition, lessened competition for these specialized terms means that sites focusing on them tend to rank relatively highly in search engine results, even before further search engine optimization efforts are undertaken, which translates to greater traffic and, therefore, commissions.

"Our new Long Tail Package represents a terrific opportunity for everyone from the rank beginner to the seasoned pro," Austin continued, "and is the highest-quality product of its sort available anywhere. New customers can have us narrow down a niche in a general area of their interest or simply let us find the most profitable one for them." Its most comprehensive offering, the company's Long Tail Package begins with extensive niche and keyword research. After a profitable niche and sets of keywords have been identified, the company's designers work to create professional, distinctive, custom themes which will lend an appealing and authoritative feel to the product, as may be seen in the collection of Niche Site Creations samples available on the company's own site.

Its writers then produce a set of 40 or more interesting, valuable articles to serve as content. Search engine rankings related to the high inherent value of the high authority niche sites produced in this way are augmented by both on-site search engine optimization measures and smart, focused social and other off-site SEO techniques. The resulting sites, being ready to monetize with any appropriate affiliate program immediately upon delivery, are appropriate for those who wish to create reliable, passive income streams, as well as those who are looking to sell the properties once they have grown sufficiently. All of the Niche Site Creations packages include after-sales help in the form of guides and eBooks which detail how to successfully grow and run them.

About Niche Site Creations
A premier provider of custom-made, easily monetized websites, Niche Site Creations focuses on providing top quality at prices which ensure excellent return on investment. The company's sophisticated, effective niche research, graphic design, and content creation capabilities have made it a leader in the field, and it strives to continually improve its offerings.