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Nick Eberle Buys Lucidera, Producer of Organic Schizandra


Buckingham, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/04/2014 -- Lucidera, a subsidiary of Hyperion Herbs, has been sold to Nick Eberle. The firm is the world’s leading producer of organic schizandra berry products, with the only Organic Schizandra Berry Extract grown in the U.S. The proprietary harvesting and manufacturing process at Lucidera has made its dietary supplement one of the most potent and effective on the market.

“I am excited to guide this 100 percent American company to prosperity and continue a history of American quality and jobs as they are most needed,” said Eberle. “It has a long history as an elite tonic herb in Chinese medicine, great science, a quality product and a core group of loyal customers.”

The new owner of Lucidera is no stranger to the nutraceutical industry. Eberle has assisted boutique brands that provide ultra-premium nutraceuticals develop brand awareness and visibility online. His immediate plan is to polish the Lucidera brand and align it with the high-end nutraceutical market for which it was originally designed, making it the best schizandra brand available.

Schizandra is a berry widely used in traditional Chinese medicine where it’s considered one of the essential elements for optimum health. While it can be included in culinary dishes, schizandra is a botanical primarily cultivated for its medicinal properties. Traditional Chinese medical practitioners attribute increased sexual vitality and mental acuity to the berry, along with enhanced longevity and the ability to neutralize free radicals that contribute to aging.

“Lucidera’s Organic Schizandra Berry Extract is classically used to detoxify blood and cleanse the liver and kidneys, which makes it a great first intervention for people who are at risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, and as a cleanser for people who are at risk of liver or kidney diseases,” said Eberle. “A 4-ouce container is just $74 and can be purchased by visiting Organic Schizandra .

Lucidera is the primary source for 100 percent organic, American grown schizandra. Mineral rich soil, unique climate conditions and processing that takes place on-site all contribute to the preservation of the berry’s potency and efficacy, making it a benchmark herbal product.

The purchase of Lucidera by Eberle represents a new beginning for the company and its products, both of which are quickly garnering international acclaim. The organic extract is available in multiple sizes to accommodate a wide variety of consumer needs. The organic extract is manufactured to the highest international standards, ensuring that each container of the dietary supplement provides consumers with optimum benefits.

About Lucidera
Lucidera is the premier source for 100 percent organic, American grown schizandra, operated at every level and stage in the U.S.

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