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Nick Perkins Vip Host Leads Sober Life, Helps Homeless, and Shatters Stereotypes


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2014 -- Any mention of a Vegas VIP Host conjures up images of attractive young men in their tailored suits ready to show their clients a great night out on the town. The definition of a great night in Vegas differs from person to person, of course. For one it might be reserving a table with bottle service at the hottest nightclub, and for another it might be arriving to Vegas on a private jet with ten gambling friends in tow. But no matter what the night entails, one can be certain that if it involves Vegas, it involves some sort of mind-altering substance, such as alcohol.

It is safe to say that VIP Hosts are around this and other substances on a regular basis. It is their job, after all, to be in charge of the night’s revelry. And as hosts, it is only natural that they too partake in the revelry themselves, for what kind of hosts would they be if they neglected to sit down with their generous guests to have a drink?

For Nick Perkins, who also goes by the nickname Nicky Vegas, having a drink with his clients is out of the question. He has been sober for over five years, and he has been a VIP Host for nine. Although he understands that being around alcohol is simply part of his job description, he also believes that leading a sober life offers more rewarding ways to enjoy life.

Perkins has been helping others with drug and alcohol addictions for the last five years. He has been involved with interventions, and although they have not always been successful, he is proud of the ones that have been.

“Some interventions have been successful. Some haven't. It really depends on if in fact that person is willing to change. You can only help someone that is willing, but the great thing is that all it takes is willingness. The last intervention I did was successful. It was two girls, twins. The two have been sober ever since—coming up on 5 months!” Perkins said.

The satisfaction that Perkins gets from helping others is what he claims to be the leading factor in his own sobriety.

“Helping others with addiction and drug abuse is important to me because I once struggled with it and overcame it.” Perkins explained. “I feel I went through that tough time to be able to show others it can be done.”

Not only does Perkins help those suffering from substance abuse, but he also dedicates at least five hours a week to volunteering and charity work. He regularly visits homeless communities and donates clothes, personal hygiene items, and food he buys from affordable dollar stores. Purchasing from dollar stores allows him to economize his money and help more people. “Even twenty dollars goes a long way. That's twenty pairs of gloves to keep twenty people warm!” said Perkins.

Nick Perkins VIP Host , is in the business of making others happy. But it seems that for this host, helping others is where he has found his own happiness.

“In sobriety I have learned it’s very difficult to be selfish when helping someone. Not only is helping these people close to my heart, but it’s how I feel I connect with the world.”

About Nicky Perkins
Nick Perkins Pimp , also known as Nicky Vegas, is a renowned VIP host in Vegas with a difference. Even though he knows extremely well how to show his clients a good time, he knows that money alone cannot bring him happiness. He actively gives back and even buys his supplies for the Dollar store so he can save more to give more. He even actively advocates sobriety.

For those interested in getting involved with charity work, you can contact Nick Perkins Vegas VIP Host at or at 702-715-3325.

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