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Unique and Patented Nicole Taylor

Trendy artist captures own following as she creates a tasty musical groove that is flavor-ful to the new generation and is hitting the airwaves world wide. Musik and Film highlights the artist in 2012 and is stoked about her new sound.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/02/2012 -- In every decade of music comes one unique artist that has something that no other artist has such as the amazing Cindy Lauper, from the 80's era. Lady Gaga, from today’s trendy music and lets not forget the world renown Madonna, who changed music, and the perception of the traditional female artistry.

Some may call it idiomatic, others may say the musical style is personalized, but no matter how you cut it, the music styles of Nicole Taylor is definitely individualized and certainly patented.

She has captured her own musical style and stage presence, labeling it, sealing and stamping, it as her own.

Nicole Taylor has landed on her feet with an amazing following and a unique sound that has become in demand.

Born in Sydney Australia, Nicole dreamed one day of becoming a novelist. Little did she realize that on her daily commuter train ride from her Monday to Friday work day, she would write her first song lyrics. Like a drug to her vein she then realized her trendy talent and the gratification she would find through the sensational perception of experiencing her first song taking form. She then would dance in her own excitement of discovering a newly hidden groove for music and invoke in its creativity a piece of herself that would personalize, and place her signature to her music.

Her debut album houses 10 tracks including the title track Ambiguosexual. The creative notion she has placed in each of her songs is fresh, upbeat, and at times cache, often wrapped in heavy synched 80’s pop scene blend with each title such as, ‘Bad Date’ and ‘Reality TV’.

Her patented soft vocals over blithesome instrumentation will win your attention only to find yourself grooving to a sound to which you may not have been accustomed; leaving you intrigued to have experienced such a rush of musical splendor.

Her music is expected to hit 12,000 radio stations over 60 countries world- wide as the spotlight shines on Nicole Taylor, dancing to her own beat with music that is appealing to the new generation of music lovers.

Musik and Film is excited to be sharing her sound on the airwaves across the country on the up and coming artist whose personalized artistry has become the new sensation for those whose taste appeals to her groove. In doing so she is becoming the music artist to watch as she paints the new sound for a generation that stands on their own unique and very trendy taste.

“I don’t know where we’re going but it doesn’t really matter cause we’re speeding with a passion and we’re laughing out aloud.” – Nicole Taylor, Dreams and Nightmares