Nigeria Newsearch Engine Launches Friday


Pikesvile, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/18/2013 -- Three Nigerians in diaspora on Friday Lunches a new search engine that allows Nigerians and its diaspora to quickly find and share Nigerian content online. The search engine is an intuitive search engine that lets users perform searches with simple keywords or few words. Unlike most search engines, Nintag(Nigeria International information gathering network) search engine was built to respond to all Nigeria search queries.

NintagSearch can also handle queries related to images and videos. Added are much more valuable services for anyone that wish to use its service. One of the Co-founderof Nintag said "We've built Nintag Search engine to give honest relevant result that will search the World Wide Web giving you the user results that caters to your needs”. NintagSearch Engine will significantly improve how Nigeria look and gather information online.Mentioned from one of the co- founders “we also provideadvertisers with more targeted, personalized advertising opportunities”. Although Nintag is still in its early stages of development, the tool is available in beta today, with the final version being built over the coming months. Once completed, Our Search will likely be embraced by Many African local, online and in diaspora companies advertising on Nintag, as it will help them send customized ads to users based on their keyword search.

Nintagprovides the most relevant and updated information on Nigeria content on the World Wide Web. Mentioned by Justice Adeyemo Co-CEO ofNintag “Our goal is tobecome the only search engine portal utility that people can rely on for information on Nigeria”. I know many people will be very skeptical about our search engine said Justice, The most common question we have receive so far is How are wecollecting our content and data in giving accuracy result on Nigeria?Nintag have deployed three methods in collecting relevant content on Nigeria. First is our Ninbot web crawler, which crawls the web everyday collecting content or data information concerning Nigeria. The bot is very more effective if any Nigerian site owner have a domain name that ends at (.ng) which allows our bot to easily find you and provide more information to us in our database.

Secondly to give more accuracyresult on our user search experience we have deploy keyword search into our ninbot web crawler because we know there are many Nigeria (.com) domain names out there and many more, so we have taking the liberty on giving our ninbot crawler to crawl keywords searched by our user providing up to date result regarding the search key. Example: you can search for (cars for sales) and you will get relevant result on site that sells cars in Nigeria. Lastly we have added a webtool link at the footer of our site for business or individual that have website to submit their website for our ninbot crawler to crawl. The submitted urlsites arereviewed by our Webmaster to make sure the submitted urls have content related to Nigeria or Africa. Nintagis set to revolutionize information in Nigeria by providing information at no cost.

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