Night Copter: The Reusable Firework


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2017 -- Budget cuts and environmental and safety concerns are leaving some towns in the dark this 4th of July.

With small towns spending upwards of $20,000 for a full firework display, it's no wonder more and more are refusing to light the match.

Night Copter owner and inventor, Jesse Johnson, had this to say:

"My home town, a small logging community of 1,200 people off the coast of Oregon, spent over $5,000 every year on a fireworks that didn't last more than 10 minutes.

"My dream is to see these towns and families move to the re-usable approach, and the Night Copter fulfills that need."

It's true, unlike fireworks, Night Copters can be reused and re-fired for as long as it stays dark out, and then done again the next night. With replaceable batteries, the play time of the toy is virtually endless.

Jesse added: "The most Night Copters I ever had in the air at one time was 26 at an outdoor music festival. It was so distracting to the performers that we were weren't invited back the next year.

"So my question is, if 26 is that distracting, imagine what could be done with 500?"

Okay, small towns, your move.

About Night Copter Toy Company
Night Copter Toy Company is the manufacturer and distributor of the eponymous rubber band-launched light-up flying toy known as the Night Copter. It's based in Portland, Oregon.

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