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Night King Pro Bike Lights Receive First YouTube Review of Their Product

Night King Pro are offering an affordable, durable alternative to traditional bike lights on Amazon, and have just received their first YouTube user review, which praises their design and capabilities.


Bendigo, Victoria -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/20/2015 -- Cycling is an environmentally friendly mode of transport that helps people stay fit and healthy as well as well as being a fun activity, so it is surprising that cycling is not more popular in the modern world. Part of the reason for this is the limitations, including exposure to the elements and the need to get places at night. Night King Pro creates water-proof flashing bicycle LED lights with a beautiful, simple design and has just launched their product online on Amazon. The product has just received its first YouTube review, from a user who was impressed by their usability.

The YouTube review of their bike lights shows the lights in action and praises the small, lightweight nature and their excellent brightness, as well as their simple silicon strap fixing which allows them to be added to the bike in seconds or simply left on the bike long term.

The review demonstrates both front and back lights, and is just a minute and a half in length, showing off the different modes including steady and flashing, and demonstrating their brightness with the lights off. The lights are available now from Amazon, and come highly recommended by new users.

A spokesperson for Night King Pro explained, "We have worked hard to develop a system that will work on all bikes, and has multiple features and functions as well as a great brightness and penetration of light while using a single LED for the best possible battery economy, a small battery compartment, and an unobtrusive way of attaching to the bike, keeping weight down while providing a great safety feature for cyclists. The items have been exhaustively product tested and we are very proud of them, so it's hugely encouraging to see them garner such an enthusiast early response. We hope this ensures more people will trust us to provide their bike lights."

About Night King Pro
Night King Pro offer high quality bicycle lights for road cycling, commuting, or enjoying nature while on a mountain bike. Based in Bendigo Australia, the company devised the lights for city cycling, raising the standard of bike lights available at an affordable price through beautifully designed, waterproof and resilient products.

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