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NightArt - The World's First Paintable LED Art Screen


Surrey, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/23/2014 -- A new innovation is set to take over the art world- with just a little help from a Crowdfunding campaign. NightArt has a range of applications, including use in Art classes and Educational establishments, as well as charities that support patients with learning difficulties.

In addition, NightArt is suitable for use in schools, colleges and universities as a learning tool, in art galleries, and in the home.

The NightArt screens use vibrant backlit-LED technology to bring any artwork to life. The aim of the product is to provide fun, excitement and pleasure; however, it can also act as a valuable educational tool.

The NightArt Screen has been designed to be sleek and elegant, allowing perfect mobility; and at the same time it is low maintenance and robust. NightArt can be used anywhere at any time giving the user complete freedom.

NightArt comes complete with all of the accessories needed to begin using the product straight out of the box. The accessories include a slim-line wireless remote control that delivers more than 30 different light programs, a set of special translucent NightArt pens, a power adaptor, and micro-fiber cleaning cloths that have been designed especially for use with the product to easily clean the surface of the screen

First shipments of the NightArt product will begin in October 2014; there is a special “early bird” offer to buy the product for just $99.00.

In the near future, the NightArt team aim to launch a global Online and Offline NightArt community so that people can share their artwork, interact with one another, and take part in exciting competitions, and winners will be entered into the NightArt Hall of Fame.

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About NightArt
NightArt was developed by Mindy Paul with the vision to provide people with an innovative approach to art and education. The screens are for everyone, from the dedicated artist to those new to the art world who wish to express themselves in a different light.

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