NightArt - The World's First Paintable LED Art Screen Set to Take over the Art World

NightArt have created something exciting that has got the art world excited, the World’s first Paintable LED Art Screen that can allow anyone to show off their creativity using modern day back-lit LED technology.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2014 -- Mindy Paul has launched a Crowdfunding campaign through to help with the dream of turning the creation of Night Art, the world’s first Paintable LED Art Screen into an accessible application that can help people of any ability to show off their artistic talents.

NightArt is set to take over the Art World, with a range of applications that can be used for Art Classes and for educational uses in schools, colleges, and universities. The product that is way before it’s time will also be available for charities and hospitals that support patients with learning difficulties as well as charities who help people who suffer from depression.

As well as being used by Art Galleries and by educational establishments, the World’s first Paintable LED Art Screen can also be used at home by parents to spend quality time with their children expanding on their education, teaching and allowing children from a young age to express themselves.

The NightArt screens which is a fresh and unique approach to art uses vibrant backlit-LED technology to bring any creation to life. The fun product, which will bring pleasure to all ages no matter what their artistic ability is, has many uses from educational, pleasure to helping people with health and learning problems.

NightArt (, which comes with all of the accessories needed to get people’s artistic juices flowing, has been designed to look sleek and elegant, and allowing the product to be used anywhere.

Included with NightArt is a slime-line wireless remote control where you can control 30 different light programs, a set of special translucent NightArt pens, a power adaptor, and micro-fiber cleaning cloths.

The Internet has already caused a meltdown with Art lovers and students who are excited at the launch date of October 2014, with a special discounted price of $99.

Mindy Paul from Night Art said: “We've been working hard on getting the NightArt painting boards perfect for over two years. As you can see, we have created something, which is unique and fun both for adults and children regardless of level of experience. We're very proud of the work we've done so far, but now we need your help to allow us to bring Night Art to life.”

The founder of Night Art has turned Indiegogo ( to help the product become accessible around the world and needs to raise funds to help with Manufacturing setup, branding and packaging, first production run, the creation of an online NightArt world where people can share their creation and to help fund further developments.

By donating you are helping to change the art world forever and you could get your hands on the product with an early discounted price.

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About NightArt
NightArt was developed by Mindy Paul with the vision to make art accessible to everyone and for the product to be used in educational establishments, for health purposes and within the home for fun.

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