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NIKO Construction Supply Now Offering a Wide Variety of Adhesive Mats This Fall


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/31/2013 -- NIKO Construction Supply, a leading distributor of construction supply and equipment, is pleased to announce they are now offering a wide variety of adhesive mats for the fall season. Construction companies can keep their worksites clean and safe with the use of the affordable adhesive mats offered by NIKO Construction Supply. Foot born contamination is easy to spread around the work site, however, adhesive mats are scientifically proven to drastically reduce the amount of contamination by trapping dust, dander and other forms of dirt particles. Customers who are interested in purchasing their adhesive and dust mats in bulk will receive a free 25-man first aid kit with any purchase over $100.

Many industries can benefit from the use of adhesive mats. Other than construction companies, companies involved in the medical, pharmaceutical and electronics industries use adhesive mats for their clean rooms. These work areas are typically used for special research assignments and developmental work-related assignments. Although adhesive mats are commonly found on worksites throughout the United States, people are beginning to use them for home use. An adhesive or dust mat can trap any dirt that is brought in by a family member, guest, or pet coming in from the outside.

Adhesive mats are more effective than regular doormats because they offer layers of adhesive, peel-away mats that trap dirt while leaving shoes or feet with no trace of residue. Construction companies and homeowners throughout the United States, who are interested in finding out more information about the benefits of adhesive mats, can contact the company to speak with a company representative today. By simply calling 1-800-707-5595, customers can get in touch with a representative who can answer any questions or concerns about the products listed on the NIKO Construction Supply website.

About NIKO Construction Supply
NIKO Construction Supply is the leading partner in construction, bringing customers the highest quality and service, in the marketplace today. The company carries a complete line of competitively priced construction supplies. NIKO Construction Supply aligns itself with innovative manufacturing to bring the latest technology in building products to a job site at the lowest price possible. Their commitment to service is unmatched, with guaranteed on-time delivery and a one-stop purchasing experience. Offering industrial cleaning equipment and supplies, NIKO Construction Supply is superior to other companies in the industry.

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