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Nikomed Online Announces New Products for Their Construction Cleaning Equipment


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/04/2013 -- Nikomed Online, the global leader in construction and cleaning equipment, announces new products for their construction cleaning equipment line. The company has become more dominant by introducing adhesive mats, heap vacuums and duct tape to their line of cleaning products. When it comes to keeping a construction site clean and safe, all three of these products are important. Over the past 25 years, Nikomed Online has brought its customers only the highest quality products and most knowledgeable customer service representatives to answer every question and concern regarding the products Nikomed Online carries. To ask about any one of these new products, speak to a customer service representative today by calling 1-800-707-5595.

One of the most valuable cleaning products needed for any construction site is the adhesive mat. The adhesive mat is needed because it can reduce any contamination that may come into a work site, brought on by employee’s footwear. The adhesive mat can remove dust, particles and bacteria from boots, shoes and other footwear. Adhesive mats have become popular because they are made up of layers of polyethylene film that will trap and eliminate particles that are stuck to shoes. The best part about using adhesive mats is that once one layer is full of dirt, they layer can simply peel off and be thrown away. By using adhesive mats, the workplace will never be more clean or safe.

Another valuable cleaning product that is necessary for any construction site is the HEPA vacuum. HEPA, which stands for High Efficiency, Particulate Air, vacuums will trap any unwanted particles of dust and bacteria that may be floating around the construction site. Nikomed Online carries the number one HEPA brands including Euroclean Vacuums and accessories, and Pullman Holt Vacuums and accessories. With these products, a construction site will never be more clean and the workers will feel safe while on the job.

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Nikomed Online is the leading partner in construction, bringing customers the highest quality and service, in the marketplace today. The company carries a complete line of competitively priced construction supplies. Nikomed aligns itself with innovative manufacturing to bring the latest technology in building products to a job site at the lowest price possible. Their commitment to service is unmatched, with guaranteed on-time delivery and a one-stop purchasing experience. Offering industrial cleaning equipment and supplies, Nikomed is superior to other companies in the industry.

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