Nikomed USA Announces New Products for the Holiday Season

Nikomed USA, the global leader of medical supplies and products, announces new products for the holiday season.


Huntingdon Valley, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/27/2012 -- Nikomed USA, the global leader of medical supplies and products, announces new products for the holiday season. During the holiday season, it is crucial to keep the latest medical products in stock and Nikomed carries the top materials and products on the market today. New medical materials being presented this season include ECG monitoring electrodes and grounding pads. Before beginning a brand new year, spend the final weeks of the 2012 holiday season purchasing these new Nikomed products.

Electrocardiography, or ECG electrodes, are attached to a patient’s chest and monitor the electrical activity of the heart over a certain period of time. ECG will detect any damage to the heart, as it is used to measure the rate and regularity heartbeats. As the leading supplier and inventor of disposable medical products, Nikomed developed the world’s first kidney-shaped ECG electrodes, forever changing the shape and effectiveness of ECG. Due to the extreme popularity and effectiveness of this product, Nikomed received a patent for this outstanding innovation. Patent product No. 5550 kidney shape design allows for easy patient placement.

Nikomed also offers a complete line of corded and non-corded ground pads. Nikomed grounding pads are one size fits all pediatric and adult patients. Universal size standard grounding pads sold by Nikomed are used for conventional electrosurgical generators, without patient safety systems. Each pad is made with a skin-friendly soft conductive adhesive that allows for all skin cavities to be filled. This feature ensures a very low heat build-up on the skin. A PE foam is used to protect the staff against any electrical shock.

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