Nikomed USA Inc. Is Now Offering High-Quality Niko-Stim TENS Electrodes for Pain Management

Nikomed USA Inc., the industry-wide supplier of EKG and monitoring electrodes


Huntingdon Valley, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2013 -- Nikomed USA Inc., the industry-wide supplier of EKG and monitoring electrodes, is now offering high-quality TENS electrodes that can be used for pain management. Providing superior patient comfort, Niko-Stim TENS electrodes allow for a longer-lasting, high-quality stimulation. There are many benefits to using these electrodes because they are easy to use an affordable. The pads are packaged in a resealable pouch and can be used multiple times. Nikomed USA Inc. offers complete satisfaction with the products they sell. For more information, please contact 1-800-724-5160.

To get the most out of using TENS unit electrodes for pain management, it is a good idea to maintain a gap of at least 2 cm between each electrode pad. Users can choose to place the electrodes on the site of the pain to stimulate targeted sensory nerves or they can place them on areas that have the best access to sensory nerve gatherings. These areas on the body include ankles, wrists, the nape of the neck or the sacroiliac joint. When multiple sensory nerves become stimulated, simultaneously, users will have maximum therapeutic benefit of TENS electrodes.

When using TENS electrodes for pain management, maximum sensory feeling is usually stimulated at limb extremities or acupoints. An example of this is placing Niko-Stim electrodes on each ankle, if someone is experiencing leg pain. For headaches, users should place electrodes on each earlobe.

As the largest supplier of TENS electrodes pads in the United States, many people turn to Nikomed USA Inc. for their high-quality products. If customers have any questions about the products they are viewing on the site, including TENS electrodes, they can contact one of the experienced and knowledgeable customer service representatives. Whether guests are rehabbing after surgery, or just trying to maintain their health, Nikomed USA Inc. has products for every purpose.

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