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Nikomed USA Inc Now Has Everything Needed for Cardiology Procedures


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/21/2012 -- With the number of people developing heart disease and heart problems going up by incredible numbers each year, the demand for medical supplies that cardiologist use such as EKG electrodes has gone up as well. Nikomed USA Inc understands the demand for the products needed for the procedures that cardiologist preform and now has everything that these specialized doctors could need.

Nikomed USA Inc made a huge impact on ECG Sensors in 2007, more than one hundred years after the Dutch doctor Willem Einthoven invented the first electrocardiogram with their patented two layer design which preforms better than any other on the market. This two layer design has an easy to remove release tab with the second layer has a center tab where the electrocardiogram is connected. This is very important because it makes sure that the bottom gel layer is never disturbed making for great adhesion to patient’s skin and the best trace quality available in a sensor.

Nikomed USA Inc is now the leading supplier of disposable medical products with the state-of-the-art ECG electrode tab as well as tens electrode pads and grounding pads. For over twenty years they have been the leading supplier to not sell ECG electrodes directly. Nikomed USA is dedicated to working side by side with its buyers to increase their business as its partner, not as their competitor. Nothing proves this more than when NikoMed USA Inc personally made sure that their customers received $100,000 worth of products across the whole east coast during the 1997 UPS strike, amazing each and every one of their clients with their dedication to service.

About Nikomed USA Inc
Nikomed USA Inc. is known industry-wide as a leading supplier of top-quality disposable EKG Electrodes, Monitoring Electrodes, Electro-Surgical Grounding Pads, Cardiology Supplies, Surgical Supplies, and related medical products represented through distributors across North America. They provide distributors with the most complete line of ECG monitoring and diagnostic electrodes, holter and stress kits, paper, lead wires, prep razors and other accessories, all at extremely competitive prices. Nikomed USA is independently owned and operated, enabling them the ability to give its buyers unmatched support and service.

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