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Nikomed USA Inc. Now Offering a New Tab ECG Electrode


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/27/2013 -- Nikomed USA Inc., the leader of the medical supply industry, is pleased to announce they are now offering a new Trace 1 ECG electrode part #0215. Customers can now find information on direct connect and snap foam resting electrodes. Nikomed USA Inc. offers two of the most popular and top-selling products on the market today. As a reliable partner in healthcare, Nikomed USA Inc. is always available to answer any questions or concerns relating to any of the products they offer. Customers can contact a company representative by calling 800-724-5160 to find out more information on ECG electrodes.

ECG electrodes are important and used widely by many businesses within the healthcare industry. An ECG electrode pad is used during an electrocardiogram (ECG, or EKG), which is a medical test that is used to diagnose if a patient is suffering cardiac problems. During the test, the ECG electrode is attached to the skin, typically to the arms, chest, or legs of the patient. Every time the patient’s heart beats, the ECG electrodes will detect electrical impulses. The electrical impulse that is detected by the ECG electrodes is transmitted via the wire of an ECG machine. By recording the electrical impulses that are detected by the ECG electrodes, the ECG machine is able to find out if the patient is suffering a heart condition. There is no doubt that ECG electrodes have had a positive impact on the medical field.

ECG electrodes come in many varieties. Many patients find that a gel electrode is more comfortable on their skin and request it from their doctor or medical provider. Medical professionals usually purchase EGG electrodes, however some patients rely on homecare use. Nikomed USA Inc. supplies ECG electrodes to both parties. Customers who are interested in trying out a free sample can fill out the online request form. There, they can choose the product they would like to sample and have it delivered to their place of work or home.

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