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Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/17/2013 -- Nikomed USA Inc. has been providing the highest quality holter electrodes and ECG sensors for over 25 years. Before making the final decision on purchasing either product, customers can fill out a free sample form. On the form, customers can leave their information and fill out the product they would like a sample of. After filling out the form, a customer representative will respond quickly, ensuring the form was accepted. Customers can also feel free to contact the company over the phone during business hours (9am-5pm ET) by calling 800-724-5160.

When filling out the sample/literature request form, one of the products customers can choose from the array of products available is the holter electrode. When using the holter monitor system to record the rhythm of a patient’s heart, the electrodes are attached to the chest. Nikomed’s Trace 1 holter electrodes are adhesive, making them easy to attach to the chest and also easy to remove from the patient’s skin when necessary. The electrodes are attached to the patient’s chest during the duration of the electrocardiogram and can be removed after the test is completed. The holter electrodes are essential to the electrocardiogram because without them, doctors would not be able to record the rhythm of the heart during the electrocardiogram.

Customers can also request samples of ECG sensors. Like holter electrodes, ECG sensors can be used in various medical facilities. They can also be used at home. In the event of a cardiac issue happening at home, the data can be stored by the personal ECG monitor and can be viewed for when the customer visits his (or her) personal physician. One of the benefits of using a personal ECG monitor is that whenever a person feels ill, or experiences warning signs of a heart attack, they can immediately take a reading and decide on the appropriate actions. If the reading is significantly different from the norm, they can seek help immediately. This essential tool makes taking an accurate measurement of the heart’s activity easy.

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Nikomed USA Inc. is known industry-wide as a leading supplier of top-quality disposable EKG Electrodes, Monitoring Electrodes, Electro-Surgical Grounding Pads, Cardiology Supplies, Surgical Supplies, and related medical products represented through distributors around the World. We provide distributors with the most complete line of ECG monitoring and diagnostic electrodes, holter and stress kits, paper, lead wires and prep razors.

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