Nikomed USA Introduces New Patient Monitoring Products During the Holiday Season


Huntingdon Valley, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/04/2013 -- Nikomed USA, the industry-wide leader of top-quality medical equipment, introduces new monitoring products during the holiday season. Nikomed USA is dedicated to enhancing the care received by patients in medical facilities around the world, by providing reliable, intuitive and high-quality monitoring devices. The new patient monitoring devices introduced during the holiday season, including monitoring electrodes and ECG sensors, are vital to care in medical units. They are extremely useful in operating and emergency rooms, intensive care units and critical care units.

There are many benefits for recovering patients to use tens electrodes. Most patients who have used tens electrodes for treating their symptoms have experienced a significant reduction in pain. Grounding pads are also often used to treat stress and insomnia. Nikomed carries the largest supply of electrosurgical tens electrodes.

Each one of the monitoring electrodes devices Nikomed carries meets the Advancing Safety in Medical Technology (AAMI) standards to ensure the highest-quality product. Each brand of ECG monitoring electrode is specifically designed for the application such as stress, resting ECG, etc. Manufactured with the highest quality components to ensure accurate tracing, each style electrode features strong adhesion and durability. The electrodes are hypoallergenic and latex-free.

Electrocardiography, otherwise known as ECG, sensors is used to monitor the activity of the heart over an extended period of time. This device is useful because it can measure the rate of heart beats and determine if there is any irregularity. Nikomed ECG sensors are used designed for research purposed on human and sometimes animal hearts. The monitoring of an ECG sensor is the best method in measuring and diagnosing any abnormal rhythms of the heart. The customer service and high-quality products supplied by Nikomed are the main reasons why customers have been coming back for over 20 years.

About Nikomed USA
Nikomed USA Inc is known industry-wide as a leading supplier of top-quality disposable EKG Electrodes, Monitoring Electrodes, Electro-Surgical Grounding Pads, Cardiology Supplies, Surgical Supplies, and related medical products represented through distributors across North America. They provide distributors with the most complete line of ECG electrodes and diagnostic electrodes, holter and stress kits, paper, lead wires, prep razors and other.

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