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Nine Days: New Book Displays Power of God's Given Grace

Christine Naman’s new book tells the compelling story of one woman’s discovery of the presence of God’s amazing grace.


Monroeville, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2012 -- The journey of prayer is powerful to many. However, for the protagonist in Christine Naman’s new book, ‘Nine Days’, each day provides a new discovery of faith and a series of life-changing experiences.


Twenty-three year-old Mary Grace Mastrianni returns home to face her past. Having had a lonely childhood after the painful death of her mother, she thought she left it all behind her when she escaped to New York City to attend college and build a new life. But after being forced to return to sell the family home, memories of her early years surround her, making her come to terms with unresolved feelings and desires she had pushed away for so long.

Finding her mother’s tattered and worn sweater that has not been touched since the day of her mother’s passing, Mary Grace apprehensively puts it on, wrapping it around herself for comfort. Teary-eyed, she slides her hand into its pocket to discover a yellowing square of paper on which a Novena is printed. The prayer promises that any request will be granted as long as the person fervently prays the prayer in church for nine consecutive days.

Mary Grace, who has often found herself lacking faith, decides to stay in town just long enough to pray the Novena. In her heart she holds a very special request.

In addition, Mary Grace stumbles upon the “to-do” list her mother was in the middle of when she died. Realizing that her mother was the most faith-filled person she would ever know, Mary Grace decides to not only pray the Novena but complete the “to-do” list as well. She hopes that by walking in her mother’s shoes her chances of having her Novena request granted will be increased.

Mary Grace spends the next nine days completing her journey of prayer, visiting the church daily as well as completing the not-so-easy tasks on the “to-do” list. During these days she meets a variety of people who help her build her faith by sharing their faith with her. She volunteers in a hospital neonatal unit caring for a sick baby. She reads to children at the local library and visits a lonely elderly man who simply needs some company. She serves food in a soup kitchen, plays Bingo, goes to Confession and visits the gravesites of family who have passed.

Each day, Mary Grace finds her faith growing. As day nine approaches, she wonders if her deeds and prayers will be enough for her heartfelt request to be granted.

As the author explains, her book proves that anything is possible in the hands of God.

“Nine Days is a literary display of exactly what one woman achieved with God’s given grace,” explains Naman.

She continues, “It is also the story of her discovery of God’s presence – taking the reader through her nine day journey of faith, change and hope.”

With its mighty display of power and inspiration, critics urge both the female and general audience to purchase a copy and open their mind to exactly what can be achieved under the grace of God.

Nine Days, published by Amazon Digital Services, is available for Kindle purchase today.

Direct purchase link: http://amzn.to/Wv9Kzy

About the Author: Christine Pisera Naman
Christine Pisera Naman is the author of seven published books. Among them are Faces of Hope, Babies Born on 9/11, Faces of Hope, Ten Years Later, Caterpillar Kisses, Christmas Lights, The Believers, Willow, Kate and Little Bee and now Nine Days. She lives in Monroeville Pennsylvania with her husband and three children.