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Toronto, Ontario -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/27/2012 -- The Government of Canada has announced plans to continue with record immigration levels in 2012 to support economic growth. These plans take into account the rapid immigration growth due to the creation of the Canadian Experience Class. This program was created in 2008 to ease the transition of international students from temporary to permanent residents. This program may also be used by temporary foreign workers who have high-skill work experience within the country. According to Michael Niren of Niren & Associates Immigration lawyer, Citizenship & Immigration Canada has announced they will admit a record number of permanent residents through this program in 2013.

Any foreign national wishing to study in Canada must obtain a study permit. This document is issued by the Canadian Government and states the student is allowed to study in the country for a temporary period. In addition, the document names the course of study and the educational institution the student is attending. "Many students find that they wish to remain in the country once this study permit expires. When this is the case, a Canada student visa lawyer may be of assistance in starting the process to allow the student to become a permanent resident," Mr. Niren explains.

Any foreign student who recently graduated from an educational institution in Canada may have the qualities needed to make the transition from a temporary resident to a permanent one. "Students are familiar with the society and can make a contribution to the economy. Those who wish to use this method to obtain permanent residence in Canada should have qualifying work experience along with knowledge of English or French," Mr. Niren states. "Certain other requirements must be met in this situation. The qualifying work experience must be in a managerial occupation, a professional occupation, a technical occupation or a skilled trade."

"Although the government is looking to expand this program, the immigration process still remains complex and time consuming. A Canadian immigration lawyer can be of great assistance during the process. The lawyer ensures that all steps are completed in a timely manner and that the case is not mishandled in any way by government officials. Those who wish to become a permanent resident should seek legal assistance so the process is not delayed in any way," Mr. Niren goes on to say. "This process takes as little as six months to complete when the Canadian Experience Class option is selected and all steps are completed properly. Imagine being a citizen of this country in very little time. It makes sense to hire an attorney so this can happen."

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