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Toronto, Ontario -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/23/2012 -- Green card applications take anywhere, on average, from six months to 15 years to be approved. A family based green card typically takes anywhere from six to nine months before approval is granted while employment based green cards may take nine to 12 months to be processed. Other visa applications often take five to fifteen years to move through the system. Any error or omission on the application extends the time needed to process the application. Anyone wishing to enter the United States on a visa would do well to contact a US immigration lawyer to ensure this process moves smoothly with no delays, Michael Niren of Niren & Associates Immigration Lawyers states.

"The application for an H1B work visa is very complex. There are a number of methods which may be used to apply for permanent residence in the United States. Determining which method to use is the first step. If one goes wrong at this stage, the entire process will be delayed, if not stopped completely," Mr. Niren explains. "People often wonder if they should make use of a family based petition or if an employment-based petition is more likely to be approved. A green card application lawyer can be of great assistance in determining which method would produce the most favorable results."

Two different application procedures may be used for those wishing to file a spousal sponsorship petition. The foreign spouse may choose to use the Consular Processing application. Here the spouse remains outside of the United States while the application is being processed. The application, in this situation, is forwarded to the local US Consulate of the spouse. Foreign spouses already in the United States as workers, visitors or students make use of the Adjustment of Status process. When this procedure is used, the spouse remains in the country while the Spousal Petition is being processed. Here the application is, in most cases, filed with the local district office of the state the couple resides in.

"One question that may arise is whether it is best for the spouse to come to the country first as a visitor, student or worker or remain in the home country when filing an application. An immigration attorney can answer this question along with any other that arise," Mr. Niren explains. "Our goal is to help each client strengthen their case to increase the chances of a favorable outcome. We also work to ensure each client's file is handled appropriately by the government so delays are reduced or eliminated."

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Niren & Associates Immigration Lawyers have more than 30 years of combined experience and a proven track record for handling all US and Canadian visa cases. Fully licensed US and Canadian lawyers, Niren & Associates maintains immigration law offices across North American, but can service clients from around the world. Whether a client needs assistance in preparing an application for Canada and US permanent residence or just wants to come for a visit, the legal team can be of great help. All immigration applications are designed to get results. The primary goal of this law firm is to assist clients in persuading authorities to grant the client a visa. Niren & Associates Immigration Lawyers put each client in the best light possible to make the case as strong as it can be while preventing government mishandling of the file.