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Niren & Associates Immigration Lawyers Turn PR Card Denials Into Approvals


Toronto, Ontario -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/10/2012 -- Immigration to Canada is limited. Each year, the Government of Canada establishes a plan for immigration for the following year and tables this plan in Parliament. Many factors are used to establish this plan, including economic needs and humanitarian goals. When one petitions for temporary residence or Permanent Residence in Canada, an application process must be completed. Any mistakes or omissions in this process may lead to a delay in the process or a refused case. The same is true for permanent residence card renewals.

A Canadian Permanent Resident card is only valid for five years. In order to travel outside of the country, one must renew their PR card before it expires. This process should be started, according to government websites, a minimum of two months before the card actually expires to ensure the immigration officer responsible for reviewing the application has the time needed to do so. "An Expiring PR Card is a situation that must be addressed immediately," according to Michael Niren of Niren and Associates Immigration Lawyers. "The same is true if PR Card Renewals have been refused for any reason."

A permanent resident card can be denied for a number of reasons. The immigration officer may not have all necessary information to process the application. The applicant may not have lived in Canada for the required 730 days in the past five years. "No matter why an application has been denied," Mr. Niren goes on to say, "we will sit down with the client to determine the steps to be taken to rectify the situation as quickly as possible."

"A situation can arise where a Canadian Permanent Resident card expires due to the person having to leave the country for an emergency. When this occurs, one must apply for a Travel Document at the Canadian office abroad. Other requirements must also be met. We assist the client in filing the necessary paperwork so he or she can move back to Canada in the shortest time possible," Mr. Niren explains. "A qualified immigration lawyer is invaluable in a situation like this. The application process is very complex and our lawyers are dedicated to making it easier for clients."

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Niren & Associates Immigration Lawyers have over 30 years of combined experience and a proven track record for handling all US and Canadian Visa Cases. The law firm specializes in preparing applications for situations ranging from permanent residence to visitation. All applications prepared by the firm are designed to get results. The goal is to have authorities grant visas to the clients served. Each client's individual situation is reviewed to understand the particular needs of the client. Once the assessment has been done, cost effective visa solutions will be offered. All applications include a legal submission letter, a complete application package, case monitoring from start to finish, preparation for an interview (if needed) and delivery of the visa once issued. Niren & Associates Immigration Services won Toronto's Top Choice Award for Immigration Services in both 2010 and 2011.