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Nischal Maniar Launches New Platform for Binary Trading Training


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/15/2012 -- The world of market trading is a difficult one to get to grips with from the outside- such a large amount of specialist knowledge is apparently needed to even begin to make head or tail of the huge volumes of data produced in a single hours’ trading that to many, it hardly seems worth beginning. Fortunately, there is now a way for hobbyists and casual traders to get a first foothold in trading through the comparatively simple process of trading binary options. is a new site that helps people takes that first step.

The site offers an introductory course that covers all the basics in a secure environment, as well as more advanced training and insight options once this initial course has been completed. The site also recommends top brokers with which to trade once users have qualified, and runs a blog covering frequently asked questions and introductory insights into the world of trading.

The site also plays host to a wide variety of multimedia video content, which takes the form of lectures and guided introductions to some of the key areas first-time traders will need to be briefed on. This simulated one to one approach helps students learn more quickly and effectively.

A spokesperson for the site explained the process in detail, “We start our trainees off with one of our demo accounts to hone their skills before moving them on to the process of opening a real money account for trading real binary options. The demo account offers education and training in a consequence free simulated environment, in order to help users develop a well-established strategy to make money utilizing binary options. This kind of trading is both exciting and simple, because when investing using binary options you have only two outcomes: either the option pays off or it expires worthless. That risk of losing money is real, so we make sure our students are prepared to make decisions that lead to the best outcomes before they start using real money.”

About Nischal Maniar
Nischal Maniar is a platform to deliver the most sophisticated strategies in a very simple and engaging style, to help users fully understand and explore the world of derivative trading, with highly focused educational material available. They have invested all their energy and resources to build a state of the art platform able to fulfil all user requirements related to trading, from its starting points to the process of developing a successful strategy and its implementation. For more information please visit: