Offers 100% Stainless Steel Uniquely Designed Eco Friendly Kitchen Fittings


Munster, North Rhine-Westphalia -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2013 -- Nivito, a Swedish company that has gained immense recognition for its 100% stainless steel kitchen fittings, is offering eco friendly products that are based on a system design which can substantially reduce the water flow.

The company informed that their fittings can “reduce the water flow by more than half compared to European standard fittings”.

However, the eco friendliness of nearly 80% of their stainless fittings, known as ‘edelstahl armaturen’ in German, is not the only unique aspect they offer. Nivito has become a reputed brand in the HVAC industry for its innovative designs that enhance the overall appearance of kitchens and bathrooms.

Their klassische armaturen, classic taps, are a perfect blend of functionality and creativity, and with stainless steel finishing the taps offer an exquisite look.

Nivito informs that stainless steel is the preferred material for all kitchen appliances since it “contains no harmful additives”. They further added that even though 100% stainless steel should be used for all kitchen appliances that come directly with food, a stainless steel tap is probably the most important one as it will ensure that only pure water is made available and consumed.

Earlier this year Nivito got the chance to showcase their merchandise in Europe’s largest kitchen show ‘Living Kitchen 2013’ in Cologne, Germany. All of their merchandise were admired by the public and worldwide critics and their herausziehen küchenarmatur, pull-out kitchen fittings, were considered one of a kind.

The pull-out taps are very useful as they have a front-end that extends out for any required purpose. Usually installed separately in kitchens, Nivito offers pull-out taps that can be simply placed back to a normal position when extension is not required. Saving space and not sabotaging the overall appearance of the sink.

Hence, all of their Küchenarmatur Edelstahl, stainless steel kitchen fittings, are methodically designed to offer water in the purest form, a wider flow adjustment for conservation and an elegant finishing.

About Nivito
Nivito is a leading Swedish company that provides 100% stainless steel kitchen fittings. The company is known for its innovatively designed kitchen taps & fittings. Nivito also uses only 100% quality stainless steels to manufacture their products. Through the online platform,, the items currently offered by the company in Germany can be viewed. Nivito has showcased its products in many worldwide exhibitions and trade shows such as the Europe’s largest kitchen show ‘Living Kitchen 2013’ in Cologne, Germany.

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