NJ Landscaping Ideas Launches a Cutting Edge Informational Blog


Oakland, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2013 -- Northern New Jersey residents now have access to cutting edge information about landscaping design, construction and maintenance. NJ Landscaping Ideas is a new blog providing an array of facts about how to transform residential and commercial properties.

Certain plants, trees and flowers thrive in the northern New Jersey climate. NJ Landscaping Ideas suggests a fabulous variety of plants, trees and flowers to include in local garden and yards. Planting native species ensures they will do well in the area soil and climate. They are typically easier to grow and maintain than exotic plants. Local plants can also be used to attract certain wildlife such as birds and butterflies.

There are many benefits to hiring a landscaper to perform routine landscaping maintenance. It saves people time and energy when a professional handles the job. Mowing, irrigation and lawn fertilization are all done on a schedule so the grass always looks green. A spokesperson for NJ Landscaping Ideas and stated, “Landscaping must be done on a regular schedule to keep an outdoor space looking its best. From pruning shrubs to fertilizing the grass, the timing of every task makes a big difference in the overall quality of a landscape design.”

Landscaping design and construction combines hardscapes and softscapes for a unique fusion of functionality and beauty. Hardscapes include driveways, patios and walkways. Softscapes are the flowers, shrubs and trees that surround the various hardscapes. NJ Landscaping Ideas offers facts about hardscapes and softscapes to help property owners make educated choices.

All about NJ Landscaping Ideas
NJ Landscaping Ideas is a fact-packed new blog offering an array of suggestions for northern New Jersey property owners. From cutting edge landscape designs to routine maintenance, NJ Landscaping Ideas offers the latest information about creating fabulous outdoor spaces.

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