NJ Property Tax Appeal Reveals the Process


Kenneth Place Clark, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2013 -- NJ Property Tax Appeal has just released a page in their website that tells about how you can save thousands of dollars with a successful appeal from the local government. They have also released a very handy tax appeal calculator that would help you to determine if a person is good for an appeal. They will also lead you to the right persons to talk to if you want to get an appeal for your taxes in New Jersey. To know more information, read down below this paragraph.

A bit of background

A lot of local governments in the area of New Jersey have failed to adjust their property tax valuations even though prices for homes have already decreased. With this many homeowners have the property tax assessments when it was in its peak in 2005 and 2006 and was based on their home prices. With this unfair treatment, the homeowners asked for an appeal because they have the constitutional right to do so. With the right adjustments, requirements and such, this appeal could save you a lot of money and we are talking here thousands of dollars’ worth of money. Anybody would want to get their money’s worth especially if they can save more of it rather than waste it on nothing.

How to get some options

Doing things your own way when you appeal for such taxes would be a great honor to yourself but you are no professional. Sure if you are a professional you can do it but a professional always knows that he should have at least an assistant to get the job done. So for this you should ask for assistance from a knowledgeable realtor. Another helping hand that would give assistance to you is appraisers and attorneys. They will know how to appeal tax assessments for you. Use to your advantage that you are assisted by individuals because appeal boards mostly accept evidences, data and such from professionals only or those who have a name in society. If you were alone then it would be a long process for you. If you are willing to do things on your own though then you should go to your local assessor’s office for the paperwork you will be filling up for your petition. It will be a long process but keep in mind the deadline every application is always April 1st.

What is a Tax Appeal Calculator?

The tax appeal calculator can be helpful to you when you want to know if you are eligible for an appeal. With this you can calculate your taxes and the value of your home with what the city assumes you home is worth. With this, it will assist you in differentiating what the city taxes you with against what should be the true payment for you in the market. There is a range that you should look at for you to be eligible for one. If it falls outside the range of 15% from the true market value then you are eligible and you will win the appeal.

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