Joe Bragg Helps Drivers Solve Atlantic City Speeding Ticket Problems


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/31/2013 -- Every day, drivers across America are charged with traffic infractions. Many of these drivers fully deserve the tickets they receive. But some drivers do not. Some drivers obey traffic laws 99% of the time, only to get caught the 1% of time they decided to commit a minor infraction.

No matter which side of the spectrum drivers are on, one New Jersey website aims to help local drivers find the legal support they need to get all traffic charges dismissed. That website is, which promises to offer visitors “straight talk” and free consultations with experienced traffic attorneys throughout the state of New Jersey.

New Jersey drivers who have been charged with any traffic-related offenses can use the site to connect with the legal support they need. The site offers support for stop sign tickets, red light tickets, speeding tickets, careless driving offenses, and more. In fact, visitors are encouraged to use the site to solve any vehicle-related legal problems they have experienced on New Jersey’s roads.

According to a spokesperson, Atlantic City tends to be a particularly troublesome spot for drivers:

“We regularly interact with drivers who have received a ticket on the Atlantic City Expressway, the popular toll road that runs through Atlantic City and 40 miles into the state. Cops routinely patrol the Atlantic City Expressway, and we often receive requests from drivers who were speeding or charged with reckless driving. Our goal is to help these drivers get in touch with a good speeding ticket lawyer in AC.”

Drivers who have been charged with speeding and reckless driving often face severe penalties. New Jersey law is harsh on drivers who have been charged with driving-related offenses, and points can be added to the driver’s license, auto insurance rates may increase, and some may even lose their job due to a tarnished driving record.

Once drivers are ready to learn how to solve their traffic case, they can use the consultation form at to get in touch with a qualified attorney. This form simply asks for a name, phone number, and email address as well as details on the type of violation with which the driver was charged.

Whether drivers have received a ticket on AC Expressway or are simply searching for a good lawyer in their local area, aims to solve any traffic-related problems the state’s drivers are experiencing.

About is a New Jersey traffic lawyer website that connects New Jersey drivers with experienced traffic attorneys. With the help of an experienced attorney, New Jersey drivers can have any number of driving charges dismissed from their record, including speeding tickets, careless driving offenses, red light tickets, and more. For more information, please visit: