Joe Bragg Urges Drivers Not to Pay Tickets Until They Speak to a Traffic Lawyer


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/11/2013 -- Nobody likes receiving a traffic ticket. Whether for speeding, careless driving, or a simple parking infraction, traffic tickets come with a number of bad consequences. And paying a traffic ticket effectively means the driver is admitting to being guilty.

That’s a problem that seeks to solve. The New Jersey-based website urges drivers not to pay for any tickets until they have talked to a lawyer. When paying for a ticket, drivers can instantly receive points added onto their license, watch auto insurance rates increase, and even lose their job.

Most tickets are also accompanied with steep fines, and the cost of increased insurance premiums can last for years into the future. Instead of simply paying a ticket and admitting to being guilty, aims to offer a better option: contact a traffic lawyer in New Jersey.

At, visitors will find all the information they need to make an intelligent decision about their traffic violation. The website features information about the consequences of accepting a ticket, as well as the services offered by traffic attorneys.

A spokesperson for explained how traffic attorneys help drivers who have been charged with various infractions:

“Admitting to a driving offense is never a good idea. Insurance rates can skyrocket and most will have points added to their driver’s license. Our expert traffic attorneys aim to dismiss all traffic charges by representing clients in New Jersey traffic court. Our service area covers every county in New Jersey, and our goal is to prevent New Jersey drivers from being harshly punished for their driving infractions.”

Those who are ready to inquire further about dismissing traffic tickets in a court of law can call 856-295-2900 for more information. Callers can register for a free consultation with an expert traffic attorney who can explain the intricacies of traffic law to the driver. The website also features an easy sign-up form along the right-hand side of the page for those who don’t wish to call.

About aims to connect New Jersey drivers with experienced attorneys who can have speeding tickets, red light tickets, careless driving tickets, and other infractions dismissed in a court of law. The website offers free consultations to all visitors. For more information, please visit: