Joe Bragg Wins a String of Successful Traffic Ticket Cases


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/07/2013 -- A speeding ticket is a minor crime, but it can have major repercussions. People who receive speeding tickets have often paid huge fines, seen their insurance premiums rise significantly, or even lost their jobs as a result of a fairly inconsequential traffic infraction. Fortunately a traffic case is the type of legal battleground where a fantastic representative can often swing the case in the defendant’s favor.

One traffic law related website that is getting a lot of attention recently is, the home page for the legal office of Michael Curtis Greensburg, a celebrated New Jersey defense attorney specializing in traffic related cases. He has been well known in the New Jersey area for years as a proficient legal representative, and has come into renewed prominence as a result of a multitude of successful cases dealing with traffic tickets.

The website contains extensive information about Mr. Greensburg and his legal practice. This includes details about his service area. It also features some basic legal advice, such as details of the consequences of traffic offences.

The site contains an extremely convenient way for visitors to get in contact with Mr. Greensburg’s office to enlist his services. It consists of a quick and easy form, where visitors can submit contact details and some information about their case. A representative of Mr. Greensburg’s office will then be in touch.

A spokesperson for the website said: “Many people see traffic tickets as a minor inconvenience, and they are perfectly prepared to plead guilty on all charges. They are then completely unprepared for the unexpected consequences to follow. The fines levied by the court are often substantial, and auto insurance premiums shoot up too. In certain situations people can even lose their jobs as a result of having no driving license. In most cases these consequences can be completely avoided just by hiring a defense attorney to contest the ticket. It takes a skilled attorney to overturn these tickets, and Michael Curtis Greensburg is a great choice for someone seeking a speeding ticket lawyer in NJ. His recent string of successes only serves to highlight his impeccable abilities as a representative in traffic related cases.”

About is the home page of the legal practice of Michael Curtis Greensburg; a well known New Jersey defense attorney specializing in cases related to road traffic incidents.

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