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No BS Best Electronic Cigarette Reviews Announces Launch of New Website


Dayton, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/27/2014 -- No BS Best Electronic Cigarette Reviews, the esteemed website dedicated to demonstrating the benefits of switching to e-cigarettes and helping people learn about the best vapor products on the market today, is pleased to announce the launch of its new website, www.NoBSBestElectronicCigarette.com.

In a sector dominated by affiliate marketers and incentive-driven marketing, NoBSBestElectronicCigarette.com has come to the rescue, providing consumers with an unbiased and in-depth investigation of all the top vapor tobacco products currently being sold. Anyone who is concerned about the health risks associated with traditional tobacco cigarettes will find that vapor cigarettes offer a safer alternative that may help with quitting nicotine products entirely.

Since the competition between brands is fierce, with new products and flavors constantly being developed, those who are considering making the transition to vapor will benefit from visiting No BS Best Electronic Cigarette Reviews, where they will be able to easily search for the best electronic cigarette for their specific needs. No BS Best Electronic Cigarette Reviews features news and information about all the most popular brands, including V2 Cigs, Silver Bullet E Cigs, Smokeless Image, Bull Smoke, Vapor for Life, Safe Cig and many others.

Of all the products mentioned above, No BS Best Electronic Cigarette Reviews has determined that V2 Cigs provides the best all around user experience, having received an overall five-star rating based on vapor production, battery life and the variety of flavor cartridges. “The quality was (and still is) so impressive that I enjoy using V2 Cigs more than I enjoyed smoking primitive cigarettes. If I had tried a brand of e-cigarette other than V2 Cigs for my first time, I might still be smoking the unhealthy kind of cigarette,” a review from the No BS Best Electronic Cigarette Reviews website noted.

One of the major advantages of choosing V2 Cigs is that the brand offers a wide variety of accessories that allow users to customize their experience, including USB and car adaptors, portable battery chargers, a lanyard for carrying the device around one’s neck and much more. V2 Cigs also offers the best flavor selection of any e-cigarette, featuring all the traditional options like American tobacco blend, Turkish tobacco and menthol. But users can also choose from more exotic flavors such as mint tea, vanilla, coffee, chocolate, cherry, peppermint and more.

About No BS Best Electronic Cigarette Reviews
No BS Best Electronic Cigarette Reviews is a new website dedicated to helping new e-cigarette users find the best product for their needs. The staff is dedicated to helping people quit smoking using these new inventions. For more information, please visit www.NoBSBestElectronicCigarette.com.