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Diet Doc Weight Loss Systems Announces Safer Weight Loss Than the No Carb Diet

Diet Doc has created an advanced weight loss system for dieters looking for an alternative to the no carb diet.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2015 -- We now know that consuming absolutely zero carbohydrates is harmful to our health. Yet, some diets plans, like the "no carb" diet still exist, threatening the health of those who try them. Diet Doc knows the importance that carbohydrates play in the body's physiology, and this is why the company uses medical supervision to mitigate the abuse taken by the body during weight loss. As an alternative to the no carb diet, the Diet Doc weight loss system uses licensed nutritionists to design eating plans for each patient depending on individual needs, focusing on lowered carb intake but not zero carb intake, alleviating the strain on the body often felt during fast weight loss and producing better results in the process.

Many eating plans actually recommend consuming more carbohydrates than most people would consider effective to lose weight. However, studies have shown that consuming some carbohydrates does indeed help balance and even raise the body's metabolism, enabling the dieter to lose weight more quickly and consistently. The experts at Diet Doc know that a patient's optimal carbohydrate intake is always based on individual factors like age, gender, body composition, activity levels, personal preference, food culture and current metabolic health, and for this reason only relies on sound science to determine carb intake on a per-patient basis.

While some diet plans replace carbohydrates with protein and fat, the Diet Doc weight loss system relies on d octor supervision and individually tailored recommendations for each patient to accurately determine the appropriate amount of fat and protein the patient is to consume daily. The Diet Doc weight loss system allows each patient unlimited consultations with the company's nutritionists and doctors, so the patient is never in doubt about what they should be consuming, and will always have access to support and supervision if results begin to taper or questions need to be answered.

Diet Doc employs experts in the weight loss field, as well as licensed doctors, each with an emphasis on healthy and fast weight loss. The company's certified nutritionists are specially trained in designing the most effective meal plans for each patient's individual factors, allowing a safer and more effective weight reduction while optimizing calorie and carb intake for maximum results.

Introducing the Diet Doc low carb "no carb diet" into the patient's daily routine can produce the best weight loss because eliminating carbohydrates leaves the body searching for another source of fuel. When the body is following a no carb diet and has very little carbohydrates to burn for fuel, it begins burning stored body fat for fuel instead, resulting in the rapid loss of pounds and inches in the most difficult to reach areas.

Anyone across the nation can start Diet Doc's new no carb diet today. Simply call the company at 888-934-4451, or visit their website at, and schedule a consultation with an experienced weight loss professional, the very same day. Consultations are simple and quick, and patients will soon have access to the full inventory of proprietary Diet Doc weight loss products and services.

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