Website Offers Extremely Competitive Prices for iphone 4 With No Contract- Excited Smart Phone Owners Give Rave Reviews


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/05/2011 -- With the introduction of the iphone 4, Apple set the standard for smart phone technology. Combining a sleek, tactile design, an intuitive user interface and the single best screen to ever hit the market, experts are calling it the “next step in the evolution of smart phone innovation.”

But while its many advantages make the iphone hugely popular with consumers, the service contracts that come with it are enough to stop many people from moving forward with their purchase.

Naturally, service providers have a vested interest in locking people into their network, and with the limited amount of flexibility that comes with long term contracts, consumers are hitting the internet in record numbers to search for convenient alternatives.

Answering this recent demand, offers a one stop resource for shoppers to find the best deals on a wide variety iphones without the limitations and binding agreements of a service contract.

Consumers can buy iphone 4g, take it to any service provider that they choose, and get service with absolutely zero limitations. This gives them a substantial amount of leverage to get into better plans, negotiate better prices, or even pick up and leave a service at the drop of a hat.

Typically, buying an iphone 4 is more expensive when doing so without the contract, but has researched some of the lowest prices available on the internet and offers a consolidated list of contract-free iphones at competitive prices. According to the website’s administrators: “We present to you only the BEST USER RATED models for the most competitive prices ever.”

The website offers the iphone 4 16GB, the iphone 3G with 8gb, the 4th generation Apple Ipod touch, and even used phones that cost a fraction of the price of new ones.

In addition to their wide array of products, the site also provides non-biased reviews of the phones, in-depth videos, and comprehensive listings of features to give shoppers a thorough understanding of the smart phone before they commit to a no contract purchase.

For past clients, has proved to be a one stop resource for getting into a no contract iphone at a great price, and without all the invasive service contracts that can seriously hinder a smart phone purchase.

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