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No Credit Check Auto Insurance Quotes Now Possible with 4AutoInsuranceQuote.com


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/17/2012 -- For individuals in the market for a new insurance policy, 4AutoInsurancQuote.com has developed a software that makes it possible to obtain one without a credit check.

In this day and age, credit scores are everything, and for millions of people across the nation, poor credit scores have negatively affected their ability to keep or receive an auto insurance quote. Insurance companies use credit scores as an indication of financial stability and credibility in order to lessen the risk level for themselves. As a result, those with lower than acceptable credit scores—600 and below—have often been subject to raised premiums, cancelled insurance policies, or even refusal to be insured.

“To make sure your credit score will [not] negatively affect your auto insurance costs, you should obtain a copy of your credit report,” advises an article on 4AutoInsuranceQuote.com.

In an effort to help more clients find an auto insurance policy that will suit their needs, 4AutoInsuranceQuote.com has developed a new way to assist them without the use of a credit score. To start, all clients need to do is full out the quote form located at the top of the website. From there, 4AutoInsuranceQuotes.com will help the user compare quotes from different companies using their zip code and any information provided about the vehicle they are interested in insuring.

Due to 4AutoInsuranceQuote.com’s privacy policies, website visitors are not required to input their social security numbers in order to calculate an auto insurance quote. More information can be found on 4AutoInsuranceQuote.com’s official page, viewable at http://www.4autoinsurancequote.com/learning-center/no-credit-check-auto-insurance/.

4AutoInsuranceQuote.com reminds readers that the United States entitles all citizens to receive one copy of their credit report each year, so individuals should take advantage of that opportunity. Many companies will also run free credit checks upon request. As another option, individuals can always obtain information directly from one of the three major U.S. credit rating agencies, Transunion, Equifax, and Experian.

Readers with any additional questions are encouraged to post them on 4AutoInsuranceQuote.com’s web forum or contact the company via email.

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