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No Hands SEO Automated Backlink Tool to Release New Improved Version 3

No Hands SEO have confirmed the rumors that the software is in the middle of a huge redesign offering more backlink quality control, site submissions and posting support than ever.


Skegness, Lincolnshire -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2014 -- Search Engine Optimization is an essential strategic tool for businesses of all scales looking to build brand recognition and strength in the hard fought online arena. SEO consultants can charge premiums because the manual labor involved in creating backlinks can be back-breaking in scale, but for the last three years businesses have been saving huge sums shifting to automated solutions. The most popular of these, No Hands SEO, is currently in the middle of a huge redesign that will launch Version 3 later this year.

The current version of the SEO tool already offers more link quality controls than any other tool including Google's PageRank, Moz's Domain Authority and Page Authority, Alexa rank, number of Outbound Link and more. Added to this will be the periodic submission of RSS feeds to all major RSS aggregator sites, and sitemap submission to all major search engines.

No Hands SEO already offers posting support for more than 80 website platforms to create an industry leading backlink tool, posting a variety of back links from an endless supply of unique domains, and Version 3 will include all new features including posting to Article sites, Web2.0 sites, bookmarking sites and more.

The true hands off nature of the tool is what gained it a devoted following and version 3 is likely to follow the same model. Unlike other so called automated tools No Hands SEO does not need dozens of settings to be created and a college degree in computer science to understand. The platform is simple to understand and implement with campaigns created in seconds rather than hours. Once created No Hands SEO creates high quality backlinks automatically while users sleep, watch TV or enjoy time with their family.

A spokesperson for No Hands SEO explained, “We are thrilled with the progress No Hands SEO 3 is making, and we are excited to confirm the rumors are true. Soon, we will be able to confirm an official release date for the new software, and can confirm that existing users will receive preferential upgrades to the new system once it goes live, meaning there’s no better time than now to start saving on the crushing manual labor of SEO and let No Hands do the work. With official announcements coming soon we would advise people to get the tool now before the price is raised due to the new feature set. We will be mailing out some review copies of No Hands SEO soon so you should start seeing some No Hands SEO Reviews any day now.”

About No Hands SEO
No Hands SEO is the world’s first fully automated website SEO and back linking solution. It was first released 3 years ago and has since been updated over 200 times. It has been devised with the years of experience of its developer as a professional web designer and SEO consultant, and has been honed to stay ahead of this constantly evolving market. For more information please visit: http://nohandsseo.com/