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No Keys, No Numbers and Total Control With An Access Control System

The access control system is an electronic system which utilises electronic keys (the tags) to release door locks.


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/17/2012 -- Access Control Direct have recently rebranded from Fospat Access Solutions and to coincide with this they have launched a brand new website to showcase their access control services and products.

Access control systems allow employees to access secured rooms and buildings via a pocket sized tag that can be carried on a key chain or fob. This tag has a transmitter built into the device that interacts with the receiver, which is built into the door of the secured room. The product has transformed the way businesses protect their property and staff. Prior to keyless access, most rooms were secured through traditional methods such as being locked with a traditional lock and key. The only way to access these rooms was through a key, similar to how we enter our homes. As you can imagine, this slowed productivity severely, especially for businesses that needed to access the room repeatedly throughout the day.

An access control system is a modern method that provides high security comfort to people without carrying out any obligations of password or any other kind of personal inputs. The system works on touch control in the form of a tag that transmits a signal to a receiver. In return, when the tag is verified and confirmed, people can access the room or building. However, people can use several cunning ways to keep this unique solution as a secret. For an instance, people can attach a bunch of keys to this tag just to ensure that the tag looks like an ordinary key ring.

There are several benefits that arise out from the use of these kinds of security solutions. Firstly, people will never have the real idea about the lock. Even if someone steals the tag, they shall be confused among the keys and ultimately will not be able to access your personal property. Secondly, there are no permanent obligations on the part of the owner so as to learn any kind of password or numbers. From the viewpoint of cost, this access control system is very easy to maintain and cost effective. People can smoothly switch to their use without any complex setup process and additionally, this lock is extremely fast in operation and offers numerous long term benefits.

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The website is a one stop solution to addressing security concerns for people as it provides a comprehensive solution by way of a keyless access control system. The security system works on the principle of tag access whereby people use simple tags to gain access tobuildings.

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