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"No More 6%": California Realtor Ditches Commissions, Launches "Per-Hour" Model

With help from the Internet, homebuyers and sellers are now in the position of being able to complete most of the real estate transaction process from home. However, many Realtors® in the coastal Southern California market still find themselves earning in excess of $1,000 per hour based on the industry’s standard 6% commission model. Branding this as excessive and unfair, Realtor® Mark Hawkins is launching Genire (Generation Internet Real Estate) to shake up the industry and provide realistic, affordable solutions for today’s real estate market.


Long Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/25/2014 -- Mark Hawkins has seen it all. While facilitating real estate transactions in every corner of the Long Beach area, Hawkins has watched the rapid evolution of his industry, along with the boom of technology and increasingly, the switch to Internet-based business. It is Hawkins’ opinion that the online marketplace presently provides an unfair advantage for the Realtor®, with listing agents scooping up 6% commissions for little effort in a hot, seller’s market. To effect change in the industry, Hawkins has officially launched Genire, eliminating commissions and turning the real estate process on its head.

Genire operates with a new compensation model that has been diligently designed by Hawkins, along with support from Pulitzer Prize winner and real estate pioneer Julie Garton-Good.

Hawkins explains why the industry’s traditional systems are no longer feasible.

“Realtors® used to have a closed book of secrets; a private arsenal of real estate weaponry that they’d deploy for their client in exchange for 6% commission of the selling price. However, today’s consumers are now using the Internet to cover much of the groundwork before employing the services of a Realtor®. While the 6% commission was once a fair exchange for the agent’s help, the 2014 Southern California seller’s market can work out as over $1,000 an hour – with listing agents doing less work than they did before,” he says. “Our per-hour model is much fairer, and can work in any market economy, even if things change drastically in the future.”

Continuing: “It’s amazingly simple; Genire will have a qualified Realtor® represent your interests in a real estate transaction and charge an hourly consulting fee. This means you’re only using the agent for the aspects of the transaction you require assistance with, paying only for time worked. If you need a Realtor® for the whole transaction, you’ll get advice and support tailored exactly to your needs. The one-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t work in this day and age. The power lies with the consumer and Genire ensures they retain it.”

With consulting starting at just $125 an hour, consumers can expect to save thousands by paying for actual time worked and actual material costs, such as printing and photography.

“I admit that this is a bold change from how a Realtor® traditionally operates and it’s likely that it will take time to catch on completely. But look at services like Netflix and iTunes – consumers are demanding that everything is unbundled to give them exactly what they want. Genire allows each client to customize his or her real estate experience down to the very last detail. No more 6%!” Hawkins concludes.

For more information on the company, its services and the ethos behind its model, visit: http://www.genire.com.

About the Author: Mark Hawkins
Mark Hawkins, founder of GENIRE, is a Realtor® associated with Long Beach, California’s MetroCal Brokers. He is an accredited Consumer-Certified Real Estate Consultant and serves clients in the greater Long Beach, California area.