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No More Phone Tag Offers a Customized, Automated Healthcare System Phone Answering Service


Westerville, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2018 -- Doctors and healthcare service providers are freed from incessant phone calls that disrupt their service delivery. Only messages that are urgent and need the immediate attention of the doctor get forwarded to the on-call doctor. Relaying of calls is never confused, and the correct on-call doctor gets the right call every time. Such is the efficiency of the healthcare system phone answering service, as provided by No More Phone Tag, from their Westville, Ohio office.

No More Phone Tag is the brainchild of one Walter Lundstrom, who gives the history of the company here saying, "In 2007, we officially started offering the services specifically for medical industry businesses, targeting the small businesses which could not afford tailor-made services that the big companies and corporations were enjoying. We thought of providing a service that was professional and specifically tailored to the medical industry. The patients like speedy service and fast response time, the doctors are happy they get the correct messages just the way the patients leave them, and we are more than satisfied with the results."

The HIPAA compliant answering services for doctors by No More Phone Tag does more than answer the phone. The system knows how to recognize the level of distress the patient is suffering and where necessary escalate the call to the doctor concerned. In the event the patient leaves a message, the system forwards the message just the way it was left and does not make any mistakes or confuse who the recipient was.

Said Mr Lundstrom again, "At only $65 a month, many small businesses find our service affordable. We do not charge per call answered, rather, we have a standard charge per month that is only $65. With our standard charge, not only are the medical service providers able to budget their monthly payments, they save a lot and can channel the savings anywhere else in the business to improve service provision and aid in its growth. At No More Phone Tag, we work with the practice that wants to hire our services so that we can understand their work and tailor the answering service to meet the needs of the practice and their patients. Our clients also have the option of choosing a monolingual, bilingual or tri-lingual service as we understand that not all patients understand or speak English. We have a service available in Spanish, Polish, Chinese, Russian, or other languages?"

The No More Phone Tag healthcare answering services firm knows how to answer medical calls. They answer, prioritize, and escalate over 10,000 calls every day throughout the year. With their expertise and professional service provision coupled with the affordability, it is not a wonder that No More Phone Tag retains 96% of their customers on a yearly basis. No More Phone Tag can comfortably claim a spot as one of the businesses with the highest customer retention rate in the country.

About No More Phone Tag
Going through the medical answering service reviews, No More Phone Tag receives a lot of positive reviews as the most preferred service provider. Multi-lingual service, flat rate charge of only $65 a month, professional answering service that hides the doctor's number and yet understands the medical terms and service to take care of both the doctor and the patients adequately. These are only some of the great things satisfied customers highlight in the reviews that make them stick with the No More Phone Tag medical answering service.

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Address: 787 S. State Street, Suite B, Westerville, Ohio 43081
Phone: 614-895-2820