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No More Sad Computer Launches Blog to Offer Tech Advice and Reviews to Novices

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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/12/2013 -- According to a survey conducted by ConsumerStatistics, 67% of the people surveyed reported having lost digital pictures and additional files through a hard drive failure, accidental deletion, malware attack, theft or other problem. Just under 52% report the loss of irreplaceable data within the last year, alone. Many of these problems happen to novice computer users, says Harold Ocher, spokesperson for No More Sad Computer, an online blog of reviews and articles aimed at the computer novice looking for advice and information to assist novice computer users.

Says Ocher, "Everyone knows they need a new computer, but they rarely know what kind of software they need to have on it. There is just so much information on the Internet and so many opinions about each piece, a person can get more than a little bit overwhelmed. Plus, if you don't know all the terminology, you won't understand much of what the reviewers are saying or discussing. So many problems, like the loss of data could be avoided, if you only knew what to do."

Ocher continues, explaining how things are different with his blog. "That's why at No More Sad Computer, when we post a RegCure Pro review, for example, we write it in layman's terms, so anyone will understand the features of the registry cleaner, how much it costs and exactly how it will benefit them. They will also know if we personally think it is worth their money. What more can a novice ask from an advice column? We also invite the readers to send in comments or requests, if they are having a problem or want a recommendation on a product."

The launch of this blog has been well received, said Ocher. "There was certainly a niche needing to be filled. Consumers have questions and needed to have a source they could trust for advice. We're just scratching the surface of products we plan to review and the amount of topics we will be offering advice on. But, we know we can offer people solid advice, buying recommendations and put it in a format they will be able to understand, without having to look up every other word. We like to say that we offer 'tech advice for the rest of us' because, truthfully, the 'rest of us' are in the majority."

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No More Sad Computer offers concise reviews on popular software, technical issues, and more for the layman and technical novice. They also give personal recommendations for products related to the computer fields. Their articles and reviews are easy to read, offering advice and solutions for those new to computers software topics.