'No Need for Botox Anymore,' Says Dermal Meds


Brooklyn, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/21/2013 -- Needles-free skin treatments are proliferating in the market nowadays as people tend to use them for two apparent reasons: they are painless and cost-efficient. For Dermal Meds, Botox is no longer needed as there are now three simple steps to eliminate wrinkles. “There is no need to use Botox just to make one’s skin firm and supple. We have simple steps for people to consider,” says Johanna Anderson, Company Spokesperson.

The Dermal Meds provides these basic steps:

1. Wash and dry skin.
2. Apply Dermal Meds anti-aging face serum.
3. Use daily to have the desired output and let time for the positive effects to take place.

“These simple procedures are clinically tested. And our skin serum has the ingredients that may lead people to grasp their goal,” the Spokesperson says.

Why to use this Botox-free skin treatment?

According to the news written by Kathleen Doheny in 2011, Writer in WebMD Health News, people were resorting to ‘wrinkle relief without needles.’ She further elaborated that it is recommended to apply ‘the topical gel around the eye area to reduce the crow's feet wrinkles. It is meant to reduce wrinkles by penetrating the skin and relaxing the underlying muscles.’

The serum of Dermal Meds could contribute three results such as increased skin firmness, enhanced skin appearance, and reduced fine lines and wrinkles.

There are product trials available in its website, Dermal-Meds.com, that would last in 15 days. “Our Serum contains Hyaluronic Acid (HA), a very effective compound used in most skin serums,” explains the spokesperson in official Dermal Meds Reviews.

HA is an antioxidant able to increase elasticity and smoothness of the skin. This antioxidant has eventually the potential to remedy wrinkles and fines lines, clear signs of aging and pre-mature aging.

“This is my first time to use a product like this one that produces professional results in terms of achieving a young-looking skin,” reveals Charlene Anthony, user of the serum.